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June 16, 2021

June 16, 2021 June 16, 2021

• I just wanted to call and thank everyone who put together the fair this year. My husband and I went out there the other night and it felt like life was back to normal. It was great to see smiling faces of people enjoying the rides and the food.

• Shout-out to the North Harrison archery teams for going to compete at Myrtle Beach in the championship tournament. We’re rooting for you back home.

• Come on, guys. Let’s use wisdom and have some respect when you shoot fireworks off around the little animals. Their ears are slightly more sensitive than ours, the humans. It sends them into trauma. Let’s use some wisdom and respect.

• I’d like to make a comment on the piece in the paper about Biden’s first 100 days in office. I did not vote for Joe Biden. I am not going to vote Joe Biden. I’m a Trump supporter 100% and, due to the stimulus checks, yes, I did cash my stimulus check. There’s a reason I did do that. I got to pay it back no matter what, so I’m going to take what they’re giving because I’m the one and the people, the taxpayers, are going to have to pay it back. …

• This probably don’t mean anything to anybody, but this is the 11th of June and I already pulled my third tomato. It helps to keep them covered up when it snows, huh?

• I can’t believe the money (Vice President Kamala) Harris wants to spend to give people for day care when there’s only one in eight day cares that’s out of business. …

• A huge thank you to the person who erected the large political sign outside the fairgrounds. Your message expressed the thoughts of (many) in both parties. Thanks again.

• I’d like to make a comment or ask a question about how many other people are out there are getting tired of the COVID-19 excuse? Why ain’t my package delivered or why ain’t they got tennis shoes in the store? Well, it’s the COVID-19. We’re slow because of that … Hey, government; let’s put people back to work and quit paying people to sit on their butts.

• I travel the back roads a lot in Crawford County, and I noticed that there’s somebody complaining about what somebody’s yard looks like. Well, where are we going to stop? Where does this stop? … What’s next? We want to take a face off of Mount Rushmore?

• I was in the JayC store just moments ago and I’ve had $40 that I left in the rest room on the toilet paper holder because my arm is in a sling from having recent major shoulder surgery and I just buried my husband not long ago. Someone apparently had went in behind me and found the money and did not turn it in, so I would like to ask that person, and you know who you are, if you could please give me a phone call 502-528-4617 and return my money to me because I’m disabled and unable to replenish that, and I desperately needed it because I had to borrow it until I got paid again. So, I’d appreciate it if you could find it in your heart to do the right thing and give it back. … Thank you very much. Have a blessed day. And, by the way, today is Monday, June 14. It’s 2:24 in the evening. …