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June 9, 2021

June 9, 2021 June 9, 2021

• I am forced to purchase health insurance from a corporation for hundreds of dollars a month and then that corporation takes a large percentage of that money and gives it to politicians so that they will legislate against universal health care. This is extortion.

• We have a problem at the elderly housing in Marengo. For three or more years, a man has a no-trespassing order on him to not be up here (but) keeps coming up here. …

• This is in regards to the people …. blowing all that grass out on the road when they mow … Do they realize … for anybody getting hurt due to that on a motorcycle or a four-wheeler or something, they’re liable for a lawsuit? So clean up America and keep her clean.

• … Glad to see them cut the unemployment benefits unless you’re looking for a job. I guess it’s easier to stay home and do nothing and draw money for somebody else to pay it. There’s no common sense about it.

• Interesting to see that 68% of the people said they’re not pleased with Joe Biden’s first 100 days. I wonder how many of them cashed their stimulus checks?

• I was just wondering has anybody else’s registration for their vehicles went up? Because I’ve got an old farm truck and it went up almost $25 on that truck, and I always thought after a certain point it stayed low. … It wasn’t no late fees or nothing on it, but it went up $25. Has anybody else experienced that? And I wonder why we didn’t hear about it or whatever.

• Says here in the paper that the Marengo concert this year, Labor Day concert, will be canceled for a second year. Well, Mr. Councilman, why don’t you take the money now instead of trying to hire another band to come up here from Kentucky, and use it for the streets around here? …

• To the caller who was worried about Senate Republicans blocking an independent investigation of an attempted overthrow of the U.S. government, go online and look up John Sullivan who is wearing a Trump 2020 hat. Turns out, however, Sullivan is a founder of a far-left domestic terrorist group known as insurgent USA. And, yes, BLM people were there too. Let that sink in for a moment.

• I’m calling in to comment on the person that said that by luck of our birth we were born and live in this amazing country. I understand the gist of what they’re saying. We all won the lottery being born in this great country, but it’s ironic that an inch away on the page is the laying of a wreath at the veterans’ memorial monument. Our rights, our capital R rights, were purchased and guaranteed in blood by the American soldier. Let us not forget that.

• Why don’t they take the speed limit signs down on (S.R.) 135 south because, if you’re driving 55, like the signs say, or even 56 or 57, (you’re likely to) get run over. … So, why don’t they change it … to 75 or like the interstate, 70, 75 miles an hour? That way at least I know I’m not driving under the speed limit.

• Never in my life have I seen so many people being murdered in Louisville, Ky. Every night four or five people murdered. What in the world is happening? People, like I say, are going absolutely crazy.

• Yesterday, Sunday, another great idea was taken advantage of. A skate area was set up in downtown Corydon but, instead of staying in the skate area, skaters were going around town being rude, disrespectful and dangerous. In front of the 1816 restaurant, cars going in both directions had skateboarders going between them on the center line and even giving gestures with their fingers. Later in the evening, they were coming over the hill from the cemetery — I believe that’s Maple Street — and they had other skateboarders blocking Highway 62/Chestnut (Street) and cars were stopped so the skateboarders could see how far they could go down Maple Street. This is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

• I just love the little creatures that God has made for us on this earth. The cats and the dogs and the birds, I just love all the little animals. Rabbits and everything. But there’s one thing I hate. I hate when people are so rude that they shoot those loud sonic fireworks off around the poor little animals and scare them half to death. I know one lady that said her dog had trauma for about two weeks after this. The poor little dog shook and quivered and shook and quivered. I’m going to ask the people please be more respectful around the little animals … Please show some respect for the older people that’s got heart problems and the little animals.