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Marshall wins two events to advance to state

Boys’ Track and Field Regional
Marshall wins two events to advance to state
Marshall wins two events to advance to state
Corydon Central’s Camden Marshall, center, leads from wire to wire in the 1,600-meter run to grab his first of two state meet spots at the Evansville Central boys’ track regional Thursday night. Photo by Wade Bell
Wade Bell, Sports Writer

On a night where Mother Nature played her little weather game at the Evansville Central boys’ track and field regional, Corydon Central’s Camden Marshall blistered the field in the two main distance events, advancing to this week’s state finals at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis. A lengthy weather delay for heavy rain and lightning pushed the final vaults in the pole vault to Friday afternoon, leaving the final results up in the air until after the finish of that event.

Marshall grabbed his first win in the 1,600-meter run after leading from his very first step of the race to the finish. The Corydon Central senior gained a sizable lead on the first lap, leaving everybody else to battle for second and third.

“I just wanted to get out of traffic,” Marshall said after his win. “I didn’t want to get boxed in or anything like that and just wanted to take control of it. I was just going for the win. I just wanted to pick up a win and hope (Floyd Central’s Will Conway) didn’t hunt me down. I was fairly confident coming in. Obviously, there’s some good runners, but I always believe in myself going into a race.”

Conway had a tougher battle for his second-place finish. The freshman was in a tight group of about eight runners through the first 3-1/2 laps but finally got out to his final spot down the stretch.

“When Cam took off, I knew he was the winner,” said Conway. “I knew there was no competition there, so I let him go. I tried to go out kind of slow so I could just save something. I got into second by the 200 mark and from there just ran my race with that group. The middle of the race was rough. Sixth through seventh (laps) never felt that hard. With 250 meters to go, I was just thinking, ‘State, state. state,’ and I made a move and I was able to hang on.”

Conway has already set some goals for his running.

“I’m pretty pumped,” he said about going to the state meet. “I want to move myself up on that Indiana All-Time Freshman list. I’m in eighth right now, and I think I can get it down to top three. That would be cool. I want to get a lot bigger stuff in the next three years.”

Floyd Central senior Wenkers Wright had one of his better races of the year in the 110-meter high hurdles. He shot out of the blocks to be in the first three by the first hurdle. From there, Wright raced his way into state finals.

“That was another close one,” Wright said after the run. “It was down to the wire, either second or third, me and New Albany (Asius Miles). It was a really good race. I’m happy. I’m getting better every time and that’s all that matters. Hopefully, that’s good enough for state. I think it is. We’ve got next week and get to do it all over again.”

Wright earned his spot out of lane six, which makes it a little tougher run.

“I like having plenty of hurdles to my left and my right,” he said. “There’s something about lane eight and lane one that’s just another psychological game. I was in six, a little close to the side and more close than I like but, hey, you take what you can get and run with it.”

Floyd Central junior Weston Naville had to fight a little harder for his second-place state spot in the 800-meter run. The race finished just as heavy rain began to fall on the Evansville Central track.

“I got pushed in a little bit again,” Naville said after his run. “It’s my fault. I felt the 4 by 800 a lot. I’m not going to lie. I just got the job done in the last 100 (meters). Survive and advance.”

Like everybody else still to finish competition, Marshall just took it easy through the weather delay that lasted more than an hour.

“Just hung out mainly,” he said. “I ate some food. It probably wasn’t a smart choice to eat as much as I did, but it’s all good.”

When the meet resumed, the Corydon Central senior had a little extra time to warm his body back up with the 200-meter dash being run before his 3,200-meter race. When the gun did go off, Marshall took the lead but had a little more of a battle with Forest Park’s Spenser Wolf through the first six laps.

“I just wanted to share the load a little bit early,” Marshall said.

On lap seven, Marshall picked up the pace and started to pull away. Wolf was unable to keep up, and Marshall went on for the win.

“I’m actually in the 4 by 400 next and I was planning on taking it easy and then felt good during the race and went for it,” said Marshall. “There’s some really great runners here, so it’s definitely an honor to snag the two distance events.”

Boys’ scores – New Albany 109, Castle 70, Floyd Central 64, Evansville Harrison 42, Heritage Hills 29, Boonville 27, Corydon Central 24, Princeton 23, Evansville Reitz Memorial 22, Jasper 20, Tell City 19, Evansville Central 18, Evansville F.J. Reitz 17, Southridge 17, Evansville Bosse 16, South Knox 16, Forest Park 10, Borden 8, North Posey 8, Northeast Dubois 6, North Daviess 5, Mount Vernon 5, Perry Central 5, South Spencer 5, Evansville North 3, Washington 3, South Central (EZ) 2, Gibson Southern 2, Christian Academy 1, Wood Memorial 1.

Boys’ results (top 3 to state) – 100-Meter Dash-1. DeJon Winburn (NA) 11.21, 2. Anthony Brodie ERM) 11.28, 3. Khalil Duren (EH) 11.40; 200-Meter Dash-1. Ja’raylan Johnson (NA) 22.89, 2. Xavier Thomas (EH) 22.91, 3. Jaxon Wiggins (NP) 23.32; 400-Meter Dash-1. Miles Asius (NA) 50-69, 2. Lucas Hoffman (ERM) 50-70, 3. Eli Mcdurmon (EMD) 50.73; 800-Meter Run-1. Tyler Spurling (Cstl) 1:56.67, 2. Weston Naville (FC) 1:57.65, 3. Aidan Lord (NA) 1:57.78; 1,600-Meter Run-1. Camden Marshall (Cory) 4:21.31, 2. Will Conway (FC) 4:23.99, 3. Elliott Buechlein (HH) 4:24.60; 3,200-Meter Run-1. Camden Marshall (Cory) 9:17.13, 2. Abe Eckman (Jspr) 9:18.27, 3. Spenser Wolf (FP) 9:20.07; 110-Meter High Hurdles-1. Devin Mockobee (Bnvl) 14.58, 2. Khol Brown (NA) 14.79, 3. Wenkers Wright (FC) 14.81; 300-Meter Hurdles-1. Cole Hurt (Prntn) 40.05, 2. Xzavier (NA) 40.30, 3. Cade Bardwell (Cstl) 40.94; 400-Meter Dash-1. New Albany 42.96, 2. Evansville Harrison 43.00, 3. Floyd Central 43.35; 1,600-Meter Relay-1. Evansville Harrison 3:27.02, 2. New Albany 3:27.06, 3. Castle 3:27.49; 3,200-Meter Relay-1. Castle 8:07.72, 2. Borden 8:11.62, 3. Floyd Central 8:13.57; High Jump-1. William Isaac Maynard (ER) 6-4, 2. Jerome Hood (EB) 6-4, 3. Alessandro De Rosa 6-3; Pole Vault-1. Will Staggs (SK) 16-1-1/2*, 2. Grant Gogel (HH) 15-4, 3. Parker Speth (Cstl) 15-4; Long Jump-1. Devin Mockobee (Bnvl) 23-2-1/2, 2. Ja’raylan Johnson (NA) 23-2-1/4, 3. Khol Brown (NA) 22-0-1/2; Shot Put-1. Sloan Cox (Cstl) 52-2-1/2, 2. Christopher Cosby (NA) 50-1, 3. Issac Hatfield (FC) 48-9-1/2; Discus-1. Tyler Kelly (Jspr) 152-7, 2. Gavin Connelly (Tcmsh) 152-3, 3. Slan Cox (Cstl) 151-8.

*Regional Record