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O’Bannon, Baelz named EMS Employees of Year

O’Bannon, Baelz named EMS Employees of Year O’Bannon, Baelz named EMS Employees of Year

During National EMS Week, Harrison County Hospital announced last Wednesday that Shelton O’Bannon, EMS supervisor, and Stanley Baelz, an EMT at HCH, were chosen as EMS Department Employees of the Year.

O’Bannon, Baelz named EMS Employees of Year
Shelton O’Bannon

O’Bannon has been employed with HCH since 2012. He is a licensed paramedic who has been in the EMS profession for more than 38 years. He previously served as a paramedic in Mobile, Ala., before moving to the area with his family. He is also an EMS safety instructor.

“Shelton is always willing to help out and always willing to work whenever and wherever needed,” said one of his peers. “He is a positive factor in his team and for his team. You can always count on Shelton at work and on a personal level. He goes above and beyond with his patients and their families, and the compassion he shows for them is the same. He puts his employees first and is always there for his crew when they are in need.”

O’Bannon, Baelz named EMS Employees of Year
Stanley Baelz

Baelz has been employed with the hospital since 2017 and is a part-time emergency medical technician, having graduated from EMT class at HCH a month prior to be hired. He also works for the Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources.

“Stanley is always more than willing to help in any situation,” one of his co-workers said. “He is on time, ready to work and eager to learn. He is helpful, personable and a true asset to our service. He is always happy to work, never complains and is always doing extra around the stations. Excellent customer service skills, always striving to learn.”

This is the second year for Baelz to be selected as EMS Employee of the Year; the previous time was in 2019.

“We are proud of all our employees in the EMS department at Harrison County Hospital,” said Joe Squier, department manager. “All of our employees were given the chance to select the Employee of the Year, and Shelton and Stanley tied for the most votes. We appreciate their hard work and dedication and commend them for being chosen by their peers. That speaks volumes for their character.