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May 26, 2021

May 26, 2021 May 26, 2021

• The Town of Marengo sure bit on people cleaning up their garbage and around their houses but … there’s an old abandoned house and camper … somebody needs to know about …

• I was walking by the mill on south Maple Street Sunday and … heard a shot being fired in (a) yard … right in … downtown Corydon. If I understand correctly, it is illegal to fire a shot in downtown Corydon, and I sure hope that the Town of Corydon police will do something about this.

• In response to my body, my choice in the May 12 edition of Live Wire, I respect your decision not to take the shots. Please respect mine not to wear my mask because I did take my shots.

• Congress is a place where there are too many Democratic Congressmen, too many Republican Congressmen and not enough U.S. Congressmen.

• We’d like to give a big shout out to Denny’s Carpets in Corydon. In this post-COVID world, we think it’s more important now than ever to support our local businesses, that they are the heartbeat of our community, and Denny’s Carpet is second to none. We recently re-did our farmhouse floor, and Deb and Jamie there were just terrific. From start to finish, they were professional and personable and amazingly knowledgeable of their products. They have a great selection at reasonable prices and, unlike so many places nowadays, there was minimal wait, like three days to get a product that we wanted, not three weeks. So, if you’re in the market for flooring, do yourself and your community a favor and check out Denny’s Carpet on Highway 62 in Corydon for a great selection, fair prices and excellent service. They were completely awesome start to finish. Thanks to them for a job well done.

• I’m just another concerned citizen about the junkyards around … Why can’t the county do something about these junkyards? (They’re) a mess … a sight for sore eyes.

• Hi, fair board members. The people that did the work on the Homecomers Hall did a beautiful job. Please don’t paint it. It would look beautiful if it would be stained.

• To the … boy driving the silver truck in JayC parking lot this past Saturday morning giving the driver and two older women a hard way to go because they said, “Come on; doesn’t nobody know how to drive around here?” … Those people were all old enough to be your grandma. They were all obeying the rules, driving safely, waiting their turns, the pedestrians waiting to make sure you saw them, the other one waiting until you were long gone, kid. … I think you need to learn some manners and have that license of yours taken away until you learn them. … And if I was one of them, I would be totally ashamed to say that you were my son or my grandson because, listen, when you get that age, I hope you’re shown the same disrespect that you showed them. They didn’t deserve that, and you should have known better. …

• Inflation is the cruelest tax of all. Did I hear you right, Mr. Biden? No tax increase for the middle class? …

• I agree with the person that wrote in the Live Wire about Joe Biden. He’s been a horrible president. He needs to go.

• I intend to wear my mask until they report no new cases.

• It’s unbelievable, unbelievable how fast these cars and trucks drive on North Road. You would think it’s the Indianapolis 500. They just go so fast. I’m just waiting for someone to get killed on this road.

• Elderly women, beware. A man … is taking advantage of elderly women, using their vehicles, running their credit cards up and such. Beware, beware.