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May 19, 2021

May 19, 2021 May 19, 2021

• I want to thank everyone who has worn a mask, socially distanced and gotten vaccinated. Your ability to understand and distinguish between your rights and your responsibilities is defeating an enemy that has destroyed over a half million Americans. Thank you for your kindness, your honor and your patriotism.

• I have been watching the six o’clock news every evening for several years, and I just wanted to comment on how well these gun laws are working in the west end of Louisville. We need more laws like that.

• We don’t even get our gas from the gasoline that got shut down, so why are (our) gas prices going up? … Somebody should look into that. …

• Joe Biden is off to a great start. Gas prices up 50%. The world is in chaos. China, Russia, especially Israel. Inflation is up 17% year to year. They try to tell us 2%, but look at your groceries and your gas. We need real leadership like we had.

• There’s a discrepancy over the Derby winning horse. They say that Bob Baffert cheated. … Man don’t need to cheat. He’s got the best breed of horses that there ever was. He’s got the best record that there ever was. … You ought to turn around and look at the losers. Let’s check their records out. Let’s check their horses out. Of course they did, but you know that man didn’t have to cheat. (Regarding) these gas prices, we’ve been stockpiling fuel for the last three years. Got more fuel than we know what to do with, and now there’s a shortage just because of one pipeline? …

• My property taxes were up 12% this year. A little over that for schools. At this rate, my property taxes will double in six years. How can people afford this? We need leaders who understand fiscal policy …

• With the cries for more and more gun laws to reduce the shootings that we read in here about every day, I did a little research and it appears that there’s about 270 to 300 valid gun laws in America currently. Then, I turn on the 6 o’clock news and see the increase in shootings in Louisville, Ky. It’s at the highest levels ever recorded. Gun laws do not appear to stop criminal activity.

• Harrison Family Medicine has the nicest (person)  who works in there. Her name is Rhea. She said she was an ostrich at the zoo is where her dad got her name. She was so sweet and helpful. They really have a great lady working for them. She was just amazing the help she gave us. Great lady. Friendly and nice and a very pretty lady. A great lady. You all have a winner with her.