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Wearing of masks should be required forever

To those of you who choose not to wear a mask, you are exercising your constitutional right, but please keep away from me and my family.

Masks should be worn for the following reasons:

1. I have had both of my COVID shots and shouldn’t need a mask, but data is coming out that shows the shot is not 100% effective. I am about 490 years old in dog years and COVID likely would kill me. It was in the news that 59 people who have had the shot got COVID.

2. It was in the news that cases of the flu have been down significantly this year. I haven’t heard the percentages yet, but the decline in cases of the flu is attributed to the mask. I have not heard of anyone I know getting the flu this winter. Have any of you?

3. The trees are blossoming and, for the first time in over 50 years, I don’t have a stopped up sinus or a runny nose or eyes. And, when I got to thinking about it, I did not have any allergies last fall. Reason has to be the mask, and it makes sense. Breathing in pollen causes allergies, and, if the mask catches the pollens, no allergies.

4. How often are you out in public and someone will sneeze or cough and not cover up? These people blow snot, germs, food, etc., everywhere and act like that is not only normal, but OK. Masks catch other people’s projectiles and, for that reason alone, masks should be required forever. I find it disgusting when there is a chance that the person sitting at the table next to me sneezes and blows particles in my plate.

Gary Robinson | Marengo, Ind.