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HC Master Gardener tip

HC Master Gardener tip HC Master Gardener tip

Garden planting time is here, and we want to use the garden space we have to produce as much as possible with the least amount of work. Take advantage of available space by vertical cropping, intercropping and succession planting. Vertical cropping means training sprawling plants to grow upward. Cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and melons do well planted near wire fencing; the fruit stays off the ground and is easier to pick. Intercropping means planting quick maturing vegetables such as lettuce and spinach between slow maturing crops such as tomatoes. Succession planting means making a second planting. When the early crop, such as spinach, has been harvested, replant beans after adding compost or fertilizer. Another way to save space is to widen rows; instead of one plant per width, add two or three per width in the same row. Check seed packets for spacing, but smaller plants such as kale, spinach and lettuce do well and sometimes mature faster. Another way to save space is to plant the garden in squares 4 feet by 4 feet with walkways in between. Soil is never compacted by foot traffic and everything can be reached from defined paths. Planting in squares allows more harvest from less land, less weeding and overplanting is avoided when planned well. For questions or to express interest in Harrison County Master Gardeners, email Wanda Phillips at [email protected].