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May 5, 2021

May 5, 2021 May 5, 2021

• I want to thank Ray Wilson for his (letter to the editor) on getting your animals spayed and neutered. Hundreds of animals are put to sleep every year because people just don’t care. These poor dogs and cats deserve better. Please spay and neuter your animals, and remember always to report animal abuse.

• I would like to address the restaurants in the Corydon area. Congratulations to some of you who are still doing your job and showing customer service. And shame on you if you’re not. … Customers should not be disrespected by your staff. Customers should be taken care of because they are paying your salaries …

• I’d like to leave a public service announcement for those drivers on Highway 62 going through the Blue River construction site. I assume you do have a driver’s license, and I also assume you do keep that updated and you’re able to drive. But, the red light at that location means stop. All the signs leading up to it do not mean speed up and then have to lock up your brakes and nearly hit somebody. So far, I’ve been nearly rear-ended twice on that location, and I think there needs to be rumble strips or something to wake people up. They’re not paying attention, and it’s extremely hazardous. Godspeed.

• To the person who posted that we need more gun laws as if that’s going to reduce gun crimes, I saw a 70 mph speed limit sign on the interstate the other day and somebody was speeding. It did not stop them. The laws that were enacted to stop the flow, use and sales of illegal drugs has not worked.

• I really enjoyed this section of Celebrating Local Businesses and reading about the towns in the area. The one about Laconia was a lot of things I had never known before about Laconia. I wish you would put this supplement in every week and write about different towns in the area and even Corydon. It really makes the paper a lot more interesting.

• This is to the caller who thinks nobody uses Old Highway 111. This is from someone who uses Old Highway 111 five to six days a week. (Some) people thought it was fine to spend a bunch of money on a boat ramp that not very many people use in reality, especially not 600 people per day.

• I can’t believe what I see on the news about homeless people. With all the jobs available, they could work and pay rent and buy food but it’s easier to get free stuff that someone else is willing to pay for.

• For senior citizens who have a lot of problems getting in and out of their car trying to pump gas, in the old days there would be an attendant come out, put gas in the car, even clean the windshield and ask if we wanted them to check tires or anything. Now that don’t happen. I’ve seen old people try to get out and put gas in their cars and all kind of problems, and I would hope that some of these gas stations around here or around the country would get some pump or place where you could pull in and somebody would help out the old people. And, I’m one of them that have problems. I wouldn’t object to paying more a gallon if I didn’t have to pump it myself.

• I’ve been seeing a lot on the news about the Derby and everything. You know, there ain’t (hardly any) masks being worn. I thought they was going to put their foot down over there at Churchill Downs. Mask whenever you get inside except drinking and eating. Well, all them people wasn’t eating and all them people wasn’t drinking. That’s kind of let-down on that mask rule. Just kind of disappointed in the whole community.