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Partners seek broadband plan proposals

Partners seek broadband plan proposals Partners seek broadband plan proposals

The Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County and the Harrison County Community Foundation have partnered to request proposals for the development of a Broadband Readiness and Infrastructure Deployment Plan for the county.

The Chamber and Foundation understand the importance of providing robust broadband infrastructure in both its economic development and community development efforts. It became clear, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that, although significant progress has been made through the past 15 years, additional high-speed internet infrastructure is needed. The ability to provide access to affordable broadband internet ensures that schools, students and businesses have the tools needed to not only survive, but to thrive during these uncertain times.

Lisa Long, president of the Chamber of Commerce, lauded the continued efforts of the Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County, the Harrison County Community Foundation, Harrison County government and school systems for the collaboration that has resulted in 390-plus miles of fiber-optic internet throughout the county.

“If not for the diligence and collaboration of all the partners involved, the expansion of broadband infrastructure would not be at the point it is today,” Long said. “The continued expansion and investment in sufficient and progressive broadband technologies may, in the future, be driven by an independent plan that can be utilized to evaluate future investment.”

Julie Moorman, president and CEO of the Foundation shared, “The Harrison County Community Foundation is honored to partner with the Chamber of Commerce of Harrison County to create a broadband readiness plan. The events of the past year have highlighted even more the importance of broadband access for students, teachers, remote workers, employers and residents in our county. Our hope is this collaborative broadband readiness plan will continue to move the meter on broadband development in Harrison County.”

The broadband plan is intended to define minimum broadband internet, survey current broadband services available, determine best technology infrastructure and identify specific actions and projects that the community may utilize to best promote the deployment of broadband infrastructure to address the lack of service in many parts of the community. In addition, the plan will set forth the steps needed to become an Indiana Broadband Ready Certified Community, identify potential new and creative funding mechanisms and identify new partners that can help drive Harrison County to be the best community to live, work, play and visit.

Deadline for submission of requests for proposals is June 15.

Questions should be directed to Long by email to at [email protected].