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Lineworkers appreciated for keeping communities safe

This past fall and winter brought harsh weather conditions that gave us our share of challenges. We faced hazardous driving conditions, school and business closings and downed trees and power lines that caused widespread power outages to our community. Through it all were the linemen of our utility and energy companies supporting our local workers to restore power and keep our friends, neighbors and families safe.

It is important we recognize the men and women who serve our community as lineworkers. When bad weather is on the horizon and we are preparing for severe weather to hit, lineworkers are readying to leave the comforts of home and brave the storm. The long hours, time away from family and challenging work conditions are difficult, but they work to help our lives turn back to normal and keep our communities safe.

Thank you to all our hard-working linemen who worked night and day to keep the lights on last fall and winter and every day the lights go out during the year. Your devotion to the safety of Indiana and its communities is truly appreciated every day, especially on April 18, National Lineworker Appreciation Day.

Stan Pinegar | Duke Energy, Indiana state president