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Funds, resources available to help spay, neuter pets

Dog and cat overpopulation is a serious problem in Harrison County. This is because the owners either can’t afford or refuse to have their pets spayed or neutered. But, they want to keep the breeding parents. Their pets have babies, then those babies have babies in a never-ending cycle. Some try to give the babies away, others take them to animal control and some just dump them.

The dumped cats that survive turn feral and survive on small rodents and birds. Dumped dogs often starve to death. Every now and then we see stories on TV about rescued starving dogs, and our hearts go out to them. However, the untold stories of dogs wagging their tails as they are led back to the animal control euthanasia room is something we don’t hear about.

The county offers vouchers to offset the cost of fixing pets, but it is not enough. The problem is the attitude of the people. They say it is an infringement on their rights should the county pass any type of ordinance to encourage people to have their pets fixed. In other words, it is their right to cause pain and suffering on their animals.

This problem is going to continue unless we are willing to do something about it.

Meanwhile, our River Valley Humane Society has obtained a grant from the Harrison County Community Foundation to help people spay and neuter their pets. If you can’t catch your pets, they can. If you don’t have transportation, they do. If you have a lot of pets, they can still help. To take advantage of this, simply call 812-969-2615 to set up an appointment.

Ray Wilson | New Middletown, Ind.