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April 21, 2021

April 21, 2021 April 21, 2021

• I’m just wondering, the recycle center at Lanesville has been closed (recently). As a citizen who does believe in recycling, you’re making it very difficult to keep doing it. Open the place up to the public the way it is supposed to be, and attend to it the way it is supposed to be so it is emptied accordingly so we can keep recycling and try to save our environment.

• Just think of the dozens of miles of county roads that could be paved for the money Jim Heitkemper wants to (spend) paving Old 111. That’s a road with virtually no traffic; hardly anybody uses it. …

• I just want to know why we have dump laws in Indiana and in Harrison County and they’re not enforced. …

• Calling in response to the person that believes there are no regulations in this country preventing people from buying guns. That is an absolute falsehood. Any time you go to buy a handgun in this country you have to do a background check; you have to fill out a form that is run through your local police and state police. That is the first thing that they do. And the comment again to dispel this once and for all you cannot go to a gun show and buy anything you want and walk away with it as long as you have the money. If you buy it, you have to go through a federal firearms license dealer who also does the background checks on you before you are allowed to purchase said gun. … There are laws in place. We need to use those laws to protect our citizens.