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Energy innovation can lead to profiting economy

Regarding “Time to Show Our Resilience” (Lee Hamilton, Jan. 6, 2021): We live in a society that is constantly adapting to keep up with current technologies and trends. Earth is no different; it is evolving every day, and the actions taken by people affect it positively and negatively.

As Hamilton argues, we need to lead the fight on climate as there is limited time to act. This highlights the importance for us to unite for a common goal: to find a solution to climate change so we the people can create a sustainable future for a livable world.

The non-profit organization Citizens’ Climate Lobby embodies this much-needed unity through its push toward climate legislation in Congress in the form of The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. The success of this program lies within its free-market solution to better communities through bipartisan climate advocacy. Carbon pricing requires that fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas are given fees that will inevitably lead to a decrease in their overall usage, which will lead the companies extracting fossil fuels to use more eco-friendly alternatives.

The revenue from these fees will then be given as a dividend to the American people, not the government. Ultimately, this takes care of our planet while giving back directly to our communities.

2020 showed us all the destructive power of a pandemic, but we have just begun to see the devastating impacts of climate. By advocating for our government to pass The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, we can have the upper hand on climate change with a decrease in carbon emissions, an increase in American jobs and, thus, the formation of a prosperous economy for all.

Ask your local leader to support or endorse carbon fee and dividend legislation to join the necessary push toward the adoption of fair, effective and sustainable climate change solutions.

Courtney Hopper | Corydon, Ind.