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April 14, 2021

April 14, 2021 April 14, 2021

• I’m just wanting to say it’s Saturday evening, one day before Easter. Headed down (S.R.) 135 leaving Corydon, Ind., and at least six or seven cars no headlights (on), 8:30 at night. I guess they don’t want to wake up Easter morning with their children.

• How about this? You can only purchase a gun one time every two years. It can only be a Tuesday in November. You must go and wait in line. There is only one place in your county. You must have multiple forms of ID. No one can give you water while you wait.

• It will be a great day when our schools get all the money they need and politicians have to sell chocolates to support their campaigns.

• I came out of county to the Corydon, Ind., BMV to take care of some business today, and I regret having to say it was the most unsatisfying experience. …

• I’m just calling because I’m frustrated and I can vent that on Live Wire. Been on the phone most of the morning and I keep getting these menus and computer people talking about COVID and why they can’t do this and that. Seems to me like a lot of these businesses … are using this pandemic to stonewall their customers. …

• This call is in reference to the home that is on S.R. 62 east headed toward Lanesville … You have your Christmas tree lit up every night and every morning, and I just want to tell you that I just appreciate seeing that every morning on my way to work. It is so pretty, and it just shows that there is light. You know we should see His light with everything, and I just appreciate seeing that tree. Thank you so much, and I would appreciate if you would just keep it up all the time.

• Please, be aware. The vaccines have not yet been approved by the FDA. They are classified experimental only, so please be aware of that.

• Assault weapons are just that. They are not hunting rifles unless your prey is human. No self-respecting sportsman would use an assault rifle to hunt quail, deer or even a bear. Assault weapons were designed for the military to kill — not hurt or injure — enemy combatants. Imposing restrictions on assault weapons is no more a limit on the Second Amendment than a ban on a citizen’s right to own surface-to-air missiles, land mines or hand grenades.

• I was calling about living in Central. I live on Heth-Washington Road. The guy with the cannons has started up again, and we just moved here not too long ago. I want everybody that lives on this road to start making a complaint or something. There’s got to be some kind of law where he cannot have all that noise and blowing cannons up, shaking our whole house and scaring my dogs and grandchildren, let alone my husband that is in bad health; he cannot even stand it. Please let there be something done. If you know if there’s loud ordinance in this area, please give me the number of someone to call. I’d appreciate it. In the meantime, neighbor, please think of other people; there’s no sense in all that.

• A few months ago, a person was complaining about people charged with different felonies and such that they didn’t have to go to jail or whatever, not very many of them. In this week’s paper, out of 1,805 days that are sentenced against them, only four days were served. This is less than 2,000th of a percent. Would you all do an article on why these people do not have to serve time and why they cannot do community service to make up for all of the stuff they’ve done? And while you’re at it, check and see how many of them are re-charged, and also over in Floyd County and Clark County, because these same names keep appearing. Just wondering.

• If you stopped spending money at the grocery store next week, they would never even notice you were gone. If you took a small fraction of that money and spent it at the farmers market, you would help a local farmer pay the rent. You might even save his farm.

• To the person that made a statement about the person that compared the 300 million cars to the guns, and this person said something about the Second Amendment, said the people have the right to keep and bear arms. The (person) that wrote about the cars and compared them to gun ownership said nothing about the Second Amendment; that was not even the point. (The person) didn’t say one thing about ownership of guns other than it is a big mess in this country. (The person) was making an analogy as to if owning cars and having a license to drive were the same as owning a gun what a … mess it would be. The problem is with gun ownership, any (person), as long as (the person) has the money, can go buy one. There are no regulations in this country preventing people from buying guns. They can go to a gun show and buy anything they want as long as they have the money. That’s how criminals get a hold of them. That’s how terrorists get a hold of them. …

• Have you ever seen the world in such a shape as it’s in now? I’ve never seen anything like it. All these mass shootings and killing little innocent children. They did no harm to anybody. Just shooting. …