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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Samuel David Horn, 20, Corydon, son of David L. and Paula L. Purcell Horn, Corydon; Lily Caroline Thompson, 18, Corydon, daughter of Scott M. Thompson, Georgetown, and Joyce C. Bye Hoover, Corydon.

Mark Richard Overturf, 40, Clarksville, son of Jack R. Overturf, deceased, and Donna F. Humes Overturf, Bowling Green, Ky.; Marybeth Ann Childress, 34, Palmyra, daughter of Jay D. Childress, Palmyra, and Carrie A. Cook Schrader, Crown Point.

Robert L. Riley, 44, Mauckport, son of Edward L. Shireman, deceased, and Peggy M. Riley, Corydon; Carita Lynne Belcher, 41, Mauckport, daughter of Oscar D. and Juanita L. Duncan Belcher, Mauckport.

Bryson Hubert, 24, New Salisbury, son of Jamie Hubert, New Salisbury, and Alicia Hubert, deceased; Hannah Napper, 22, Palmyra, daughter of David Napper, Marengo, and Kathy Riddle Conrad, Milltown.

Ryan Scott Nelson, 23, New Salisbury, son of Scott A. Nelson, New Salisbury, and Suzanne L. Smith Kinsman, no address given; Megan Marie Vest, 22, Corydon, daughter of William R. Vest and Constance L. Schaeffer Phillips, both of Corydon.

David Tanner, 52, Corydon, son of Meir Tanner and Constance Voyles, both deceased; Amanda Moore, 44, Corydon, daughter of Ralph Jones and Alice Jones, both deceased.

James Arthur Brownell, 50, Corydon, son of Thomas Brownell and Nancy Reed Brownell, both deceased; Margaret Joy Weisbach, 62, Corydon, daughter of Clarence A. Hardin and Ethel P. Piercy Hardin, both deceased.

Russell James Tussey, 33, Palmyra, son of Russell R. Tussey, Fredericksburg, and Julie M. Maness Tussey, Palmyra; Rhonda Leeann Keene, 40, Palmyra, daughter of Douglas E. Nevil and Carlene Harvey Nevil, both of Palmyra.

Bradley Applegate, 36, Corydon, son of Larry Applegate, Henryville, and Paula Applegate, deceased; Shonda Smith, 34, Corydon, daughter of Darrell W. Smith, deceased, and Crystal Young, Mount Washington, Ky.

Christopher Gordon Kellams, 38, New Salisbury, son of Clyde Kellams, Paoli, and Myra Harris Richardson, New Salisbury; Gabrielle Annette Broell, 32, Shepherdsville, Ky., daughter of Daniel A. and Sandra A. Broell, Shepherdsville, Ky.