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1,500 Tyson Foods team members to receive COVID-19 vaccination

1,500 Tyson Foods team members to receive COVID-19 vaccination 1,500 Tyson Foods team members to receive COVID-19 vaccination

Tyson Foods team members at company facilities in Corydon, Indianapolis, Logansport and Portland will receive free, on-site COVID-19 vaccinations this week. Throughout the state, 1,500 team members eligible under the locally established phases for vaccine distribution will receive the vaccination dose.

Vaccinations for team members are voluntary but highly encouraged.

Tyson will continue to help local team members have access to be vaccinated following these on-site events.

“We’re pleased to offer our team members convenient access to the vaccine and are committed to a long-term strategy that ensures any team member who wants a vaccine will receive one,” said Donald Brophy, complex manager for Tyson Foods in Logansport. “We’re focused on educating and encouraging our team members to be vaccinated and will continue to leverage both on-site events and our relationships with local health departments to continue making the vaccine easily accessible.”

Additional vaccination events are planned this week for Tyson team members in Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

Since February, more than 28,000 of the company’s U.S. employees have been vaccinated at 80 on-site events across the country.

While Tyson is offering free, on-site vaccinations to each U.S. team member as vaccine supplies become available, the company recently announced it will also compensate workers for up to four hours of regular pay if they are vaccinated outside of their normal shift or through an external source.

In preparation for vaccinations, Tyson Foods has been providing resources and education about the vaccine to team members. This information is available in multiple languages, and team members also have access to a hotline to ask questions.

Providing workers access to the vaccine is the latest in a series of measures Tyson Foods has taken to fight COVID-19. Since the spring of 2020, the company invested hundreds of millions of dollars to transform its U.S. facilities with protective measures, from walk-thru temperature scanners and work-station dividers to social-distance monitors and always-on testing, as well as provide additional team member pay and benefits. Tyson Foods has also expanded its health services staff, added a chief medical officer and plans to pilot health clinics for team members and their families early this year.