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Election Board selects electronic poll book system

Election Board selects electronic poll book system Election Board selects electronic poll book system
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

As the Harrison County Election Board continues on in its quest to switch to an electronic poll book system, more companies have begun to reach out with hopes that their product might be the solution.

Steve Shamo, general manager of MicroVote and Knowink, presented a new poll book technology to the election board at its meeting in early March. Many polling locations in Indiana currently use this program.

On Friday, a salesman from VR Systems, Rob Resuali, presented similar technology to the board.

The EViD Edge is VR’s completely electronic poll book system. It is comparable to the system presented by Shamo, in that it scans a person’s identification, verifies it is them and then presents a receipt and ticket for each specific person, all while constantly updating and storing the information.

However, the EViD Edge also features a dashboard designed for use from any internet connected device. The dashboard provides all of the information staff would need to know before the polls open, during the election day and after the votes are processed. It can also update the public on wait times at each polling location.

The election board, according to Sherry Brown, who serves on the board by virtue of her office as Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk, ultimately decided it prefers the Microvote and Knowink system better and plans to move forward with it.

This system will be fully funded by the State of Indiana and will cover a system for each polling location, along with a system at the courthouse for early voting.

The equipment should be ready for the next election cycle in Harrison County, Brown said.