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Apply education voucher program to distribution of funds for road repairs

March 19, 2021

Indiana citizens, the state legislature has been opening the door to citizens directly making decisions on how to spend tax dollars. The education voucher program allows your neighbor to remove tax monies from public school budgets and be sent to private schools, sometimes religious affiliated.

This has been an expanding program for a number of years. The initial premise was to allow lower income families to make a “choice” in their student’s education. Now, the legislature has decided that an annual income of $149,000 is low income. Wow, that is over four times the salary of a starting teacher in this community. That is over three times the median income of Harrison County.

Since we as citizens can now individually decide where tax dollars will be spent, I formally request that road repair dollars be spent in Southern Indiana at the same level as around Indianapolis.

If you have ever noticed when roads are “repaired” in our part of the state, chip and seal is used. During similar time frames around Indianapolis, real smooth asphalt is used. It appears citizens in Southern Indiana are less deserving of smooth road surfaces.

Many of the tax dollars for road repair are from auto license plate taxes, taxes from truck tags to not return to the county where the tag is purchased. Due to this, the very low income citizens of Harrison and surrounding counties are subsidizing the roads around Indianapolis.

Now that we citizens are given the go ahead to spend taxes, I would like to propose all road taxes be sent to the very low income counties (note: $149,000 annual salary is considered low).

Cheryl Lone | Corydon, Ind.