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Students urge everyone to help clean up environment

Help the environment; you hear it a lot. So, why don’t we help? If we all help, we can get stuff done. Think about the change we can make. So, what if we give up 15 minutes of the day to pick up trash? Imagine how much trash we could pick up. It may seem hard, but, if we all help, we can make real change.

When you pick up trash, use tools such as the following to pick up trash: trash bags, buckets, gloves and more. Most people litter when they don’t care about the place where they’re throwing their trash or when they think someone else will come and clean up after them. Well, that’s not the case. Everybody needs to know to pick up after themselves.

Some people are doing school virtually. Use the time that you have to help the environment if there is good weather outside. Instead of sitting around playing video games all day, be creative and help the environment. If you are stuck inside because of virtual days, get outside and be creative with the environment, build something or do something creative inside. Don’t rush to help the environment; do it calmly and step by step you can turn the world into a better place.

In conclusion, if you are able and willing to help the environment, it would be extremely helpful. We have given you options on how to help the environment. We also hope that you can make an impactful change to this world and that it stays superior and healthy. If we don’t help the environment soon, we will have a land filled with trash.

We hope you enjoyed reading this. Please help the environment.

Jonas Smith, Hudson Ginkins, Mahi Viswanath, Ireland Shaffer

Students at Mount Tabor Elementary School | New Albany, Ind.