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Dickey re-elected Ninth District chairman by Dems

Dickey re-elected Ninth District chairman by Dems Dickey re-elected Ninth District chairman by Dems

The Ninth District Democratic Party had its quadrennial reorganization March 13, electing party officers for the 2021-25 term. Candidates elected were Adam T. Dickey, chair; Linda Lawson, vice chair; Kathy Stolz, secretary; and Benita Pate, treasurer.

“Today, our party stands renewed with a strong assembly of officers to guide our vision for Indiana’s Ninth District forward,” said Dickey. “Our district faces difficult challenges, beginning with the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, extending to economic stagnation of our rural communities, and including the state’s self-imposed destruction of public education and lack of support for our teachers. Our party is putting forward an agenda to address these challenges and build a future for Hoosier families.”

In addition to the experienced leadership of Dickey and the re-election of current Party treasurer Pate, of Clark County, two new officers joined the District’s leadership team. Lawson, of Brown County and a retired Hammon police detective, is a former lieutenant gubernatorial candidate and state representative, while Stolz, who has worked as a high school English and journalism teacher, is the former vice chair of the Johnson County Democratic Party.

Outgoing district vice chair Martha Nice and district secretary Nicole Yates did not seek re-election.

“With so many needs in our district, it’s critical that our party be a force for good in local communities, state and nation,” said Dickey. “We will focus our policy and efforts in building up one another, having the backs of our neighbors and fighting for the very best interests for our district.”

For those interested in becoming more involved in the party or for related questions, call Democratic Party headquarters at 1-812-725-2018 or email Dickey at [email protected].