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March 17, 2021

March 17, 2021 March 17, 2021

• I’m calling for myself and others who might be trying to reach Steve Davisson, the state representative for Indiana District 73. I read his article every week and I wanted to get in contact with him this week in particular regarding House Bill 1005. However, the email address in the paper doesn’t appear to be a valid email address. And the telephone number also answers with someone else’s name, so I’m wondering if perhaps that information can be updated.

Editor’s note: The phone number provided with Rep. Steve Davisson’s columns is for his legislative assistant, and the email, according to Davisson’s press secretary, is correct. The press secretary provided this link for getting in touch with representatives:

• Reading the comments in Live Wire this week, I see many comments about the rise of gas prices. Although gas prices have increased, this is not the only negative change in the Biden administration that we should be concerned about. What about all the added millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood for abortions? And the millions of our tax dollars given to countries outside the United States for abortions? What about stopping the pipeline, causing thousands to lose their livelihood and lowering our energy independence? What about stopping the wall build and leaving millions of dollars of supplies already purchased to ruin again, causing thousands more to lose their employment and causing another crisis at the border today? We again have thousands crossing our borders every day. As of this day, Biden has 7,700 minors in custody. The major media would’ve roasted President Trump for this but have said very little, protecting Biden. What about our administration telling us they are going to end this pandemic allowing at least 108 immigrants with the COVID virus to board buses and travel to various states throughout America? …

• As a concerned citizen of Harrison County, I would like to (ask) why are we letting our county look like a giant garbage can? If you drive along anywhere, there is garbage all over the place on Highway 135 out of Corydon up the hill and all the way to Palmyra. Also, Landmark Drive is disgraceful, and all these out-of-state people come in and see all of the trash. It is disgusting. Do we care about the county or not? We are put on this earth as caretakers of this land. Churches and businesses need to step up and at least keep their road frontage clean and especially along all the branches and creeks that we have. We do not need all this trash in our waterways. Even as we need to do our part by helping, put your trash in your vehicle until you get home and dispose of it properly. And, it would not hurt you to get out once a week and pick up some of this trash on your property and maybe someone else’s across the road to help keep it off of farmers’ fields and out of the waterways. Think about it, and do it.

• I just wanted to call and say we got a good police department here in Harrison County, and I mean the best, because we do have a good police department now. But, could you guys slow the traffic down on (S.R.) 135 south just a little bit?

• The new park downtown does not look that good on the Chestnut side of the street either because of the run-down Bill Gerdon Auto Sales building. Also, people that are using the park, some of them with dogs, are not cleaning up after their animals, so let’s take care of that.

• I just seen on the news where they’re probably going to pass that COVID relief bill and every adult’s going to get $1,400. Well, that’s all well and good, but last year at this time gas was going down. It keeps going up. And now, I seen it up here at 135 for $2.899. So, what do you think? I say by the end of the summer it’ll be up to $4 or $5 a gallon.

• I am calling about the Heidelberg church. We go there and put flowers on my mom’s grave and visit. There was other people there, too. The person that … (parks) in the middle where you cannot circle around and get close to the grave, they need to move to one side or the other so you can get through there … Please be considerate. …

•  I would like to complain about the recycling center. I retired recently and I have been taking recycling there, and every time I go, which is once a week, it is totally bizarre out there. It’s nasty. The bins are overflowing. I see plenty of cars there but there’s never anybody … cleaning this mess up and there’s no way you can put it in the bins. … So, I was wondering who takes care of that. It needs cleaned really bad.

• I’m watching WLKY noon day news all stirred up again about Breonna Taylor, putting markers up in certain squares in Louisville and blah blah and they’re saying Black Lives Matter. Well, so do white lives, so does Asian lives and Mexican and Indian. I have never heard anyone say that black lives don’t matter. … We know they do. …

• Does anybody else order from magazines? I just called and talked to a girl in the Phillipines. The catalogue is an American company. I had to repeat myself four or five times, three at the least, on about everything. … Does that aggravate anybody else? You shouldn’t have to repeat yourself that many times for somebody that’s getting paid to take an order, you know. …

• I think that was a conniving scam that Harry and Meghan planned to do. Why did they say these things on national TV? Why didn’t Harry talk to the queen? He told Oprah that he talked to her a lot so, if she put her foot down, those would have been taken care of immediately and not on public TV. …

• I got an email from our Sen. Young saying, although he supported money for the vaccines in opening schools, he voted no on the COVID relief bill because 90% did not apply to COVID needs. I looked at that bill and the 90% included $1,400 checks, money for state and local aid for layoffs to help put people back on their job, unemployment insurance extension, money for opening restaurants and bars and FEMA disaster relief, so I don’t know what he’s talking about. I would also like to point out that when Trump was president, every Democrat voted for the first relief bill but not one Republican voted for this one.

• Can’t the COVID-19 test site (in Corydon) be moved so that the (May & Joe Rhoads Memorial) Pool can be opened on time? Our children have suffered enough during this pandemic.

• All lives matter as God has created everyone, so all lives matter.

• Just wonder if these people that still have up Trump 2020 flags feel like the people wandering around in pre-printed championship T-shirts of teams that didn’t win?

• I think the sheriff requesting four more police officers is a little bit too much for this time with the pandemic not completely over with. A lot of people ain’t had full work. I think a lot should be going to thoughts on this. Taxpayers going to have to pick all this bill up. Seems like every time somebody’s up there in office they want something more. I think the sheriff has done a good job, but he needs to stay within his budget and make the best of what he’s got. Everything’s been pretty good. He’s done a good job, but we need to question this.

• I seen where someone in the paper was asking how to get rid of moles. I read in the Farmers Almanac how you can take Juicy Fruit chewing gum and roll it up. It will be a fat, short-looking worm at this point, and you stick your finger down in the hole and drop it in, step on it. You do not need any gloves. You don’t need to do anything special with this chewing gum. Just take it out of the package, roll it up like a worm, stick it down in the ground, step on that hole where you poked a hole. Try to find the freshest earth that you can. Do this in multiple spots. The mole will come along and eat it and it will clog them up and they’ll die …