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Plan commission issues 53 permits

Plan commission issues 53 permits Plan commission issues 53 permits

Fifty-three building permits were issued in January, according to the Harrison County Advisory Plan Commission’s report.

Of those, 13 were for single-family houses, to David and Robin Rhodes in Posey Township, Ricky J. and Dana T. Stark in Taylor Township, Blue River Services Inc. in Jackson Township, Shawn C. and Melissa Lames in Franklin Township, Michael R. and Allison Downs in Jackson Township, Infinity Homes & Development LLC in Jackson Township, Lucas C. Windell and Lauren E. Strobel in Harrison Township, Tiffany Hayes in Morgan Township, Holton Contracting in the Town of Corydon, Dale A. Fulkerson in Jackson Township, Brian Magill in Jackson Township, Russell and Jacqueline Mosier in the Town of Corydon and David Kaufer in Blue River Township.

Four permits were issued for modular homes, to Kenneth J. Sr. and Amber Engleman in Harrison Township, Kenneth Martin in Heth Township, Levi Morgan in Webster Township and Michelle Tindall in Heth Township.

One permit was for a mobile home, to Franklin Heishman in Webster Township.

Other permits issued were for two additions, one alteration, one deck, 22 electricals, three garages, one roof and five storage buildings as follows:

Addition — John M. and Vickie Florence, Franklin; Kevin Morris, Harrison.

Alteration — Richard Vogel, Morgan.

Deck — Steven and Alishia Schad, Jackson.

Electrical — Alex Hoehn, Harrison; Terry L. and Vivian Stark, Posey; Eldon Bickel, Webster; James Bell, Posey; Beckden LLC, Morgan; Robert D. Paxton, Posey; Bruce Kennedy, Jackson; Darlene Quebbeman, Harrison; Roger Cruse, Posey; Christina McKim, Posey; Wendell Kelley, Jackson; Andrew Robertson, Harrison; Tim Storms, Spencer; Trent Baker, Harrison; David Marchbanks, Jackson; Bob McKim, Washington; Brenda Summers, Jackson; Norstam Veneers, Heth; Susie Carter, Posey; Josh Vierling, Webster; Jared R. and Jessica Lynn Ashton, Harrison; Morgan Nye, Washington.

Garage — Herman Alan Reed, Morgan; Linda Swaney, Blue River; Jared R. and Jessica Lynn Ashton, Harrison.

Roof — Jeanie Doan, Harrison.

Storage — Troy and Kimberly Blumenstock, Harrison; Milton Akins, Blue River; William R. and Betty Fike, Morgan; Bobbie Pentecost, Heth; Nikola Alford, Harrison.