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Voting in HC likely to get easier, quicker

Voting in HC likely to get easier, quicker
Voting in HC likely to get easier, quicker
Steve Shamo, general manager of MicroVote and Knowink, shows election board president Maryland Austin the electronic poll book system that will be implemented in Harrison County. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Checking in to cast one’s ballot may be a bit quicker for voters at their polling location during the next election in Harrison County.

Steve Shamo, general manager of MicroVote and Knowink, presented a new technology to the Harrison County election board at its meeting Friday afternoon.

The program, all stored within an iPad, would eliminate the need for workers to flip through a poll book to find the information for each voter to match with their driver’s license or form of identification needed to hand out a ballot. Essentially, within the iPad would be an electronic poll book.

The worker would simply scan a driver’s license with the iPad camera feature, and it would walk them through the verification process step by step to ensure the person is who they say they are, that they had not voted during that election prior to that moment, that they are at the correct polling place and notify the worker which ballot to give them.

The technology will also notify poll workers if someone has received or sent in an absentee ballot. It also tells workers which forms are needed to be filled out by voters if address changes have occurred.

Shamo hosts poll worker training on the technology and has said he has only seen “sighs of relief and joy” over this software.

He explained to the board that 60 out of the state’s 92 counties used this technology for the most recent election. It received such high regards and reviews from those counties that the state agreed to fund the remaining polling locations in Indiana with the equipment. He also told the board that because of this technology, poll workers will be able to check in a voter every 45 seconds, making it much less likely to have long wait times due to check-in procedures.

The board seemed ecstatic over the possibility of acquiring this technology, especially after Shamo said it made checking in five to six times quicker than what it normally was taking in other counties before using it.

Sherry Brown, who serves on the election board as the county clerk, said Shamo is currently preparing a quote to submit to the state on the county’s behalf.

They hope to acquire enough funds from the state to cover each polling location, along with early voting that is done at the courthouse, she said.