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March 3, 2021

March 3, 2021 March 3, 2021

• I’m glad Suetta’s column was back in the paper this past week, and I really want to try those pork chops that she had a recipe for. Suetta, keep it up.

• If I recall correctly, the county recorder was just elected in 2020 … I believe she knew the salary … when she ran for election. Now she needs a raise? I thought her party was supposed to be about less spending and lower taxes and all these things … ? Sounds hypocritical.

• Bin Laden didn’t fly the planes, but he was responsible. Charles Manson didn’t kill anyone, but he was responsible. Hitler didn’t operate the camps, but he was responsible. Trump didn’t storm the Capitol, but he was responsible.

• To the Town of Marengo road workers and the state highway department, you deserve two big thumbs up for clearing the roads in our recent snow event. Wasn’t all that big, but you still deserve praise. To the Crawford County commissioners and the Crawford County Highway Dept., … I have never seen such a sloppy job in my life.

• It’s time for the fast-food restaurants to open inside seating. Walmart, it’s time for you to take the person at the door and put them on a cash register.

• I saw recently where the South Harrison (Community) School Corp. lost two outstanding, high-salary employees to retirement … I would like to see our school board and our superintendent get creative and try to combine these jobs within the top-heavy organization that we already have instead of hiring two people and save the taxpayers some money. And if they don’t want to save the taxpayers some money, why don’t they give those two salaries and split it evenly amongst our dedicated teachers?

• I was one of those unfortunate individuals last Saturday morning on the 13th when we had all that ice when I went out to get my morning newspaper and I slipped and fell, and I have a lot of people that I want to thank. I hope I don’t leave anybody out. First of all, it was my neighbor who came to my rescue. Finished calling 911 for me and alerting family members of what happened and has actually continued this whole week to bring our newspaper in and leave it on the front porch. The ambulance, the EMTs, the firemen all were so wonderful and so caring and helpful and took good care of me. I think I remember Ron and Vanessa, and I’m sorry I wish I could remember all the other names.  Floyd hospital. The surgical department. The ER. Everyone was outstanding, compassionate, very caring and took good care of me, and I thank everyone. … When I came home, my little neighbors next door, Lilly and Katie, who made valentines to welcome me home on Sunday and also Rice Krispie marshmallow treats. I’m sure Jacob and Emma Rose probably supervised some of that. …

• I have a comment to make about the county recorder comparing her salary with neighboring counties. All elected officials know beforehand what the salary is for the office they’re running for. Think it’s not enough? Don’t run for that office then. As for the consulting firm doing the analysis of salaries, if you raise the lower ones, should you not cut the external high salaries like commissioners or council? This all reminds me of the engineer Kevin Russel … I wish you would publish what a generous salary and benefit package he got. I wish all hard-working, blue-collar workers of Harrison County could go to their employer with the same song as these being paid by our tax dollars are.

• As a taxpayer, I’d like to know how the commissioners and the county council get such large wages over 20 surrounding counties’ average … The commissioners earn more than a lot of people here in the county make, get mileage off, get insurance and they have (two regular meetings) a month and they have other duties, I’m sure. Of the 20 surrounding counties, their wages, do they give their self a raise or who sets their wages? I think as a taxpayer somebody ought to put it out in the paper what’s going on here.

• For you people that voted for Joe Biden, I hope you like the gas prices. Ever since he become president, it’s been going up at least 10 cents a week. It’s up to $2.79 now. Right before he got inaugurated, it was $2.19, so I’d say, as quick as it’s going up, by the end of summer we’ll probably be paying over $4 a gallon. You all wanted him. I hope you’re happy.

• I tell you one thing, that old Joe Biden is too old to be president. He mumbles his words. He forgets what he’s saying. He about fell out of that car. Couldn’t even stand up. I’d rather have Donald Trump any time.

• I would like to give a shout out to our health department for the great job they’re doing giving the COVID shots, even in our snowy week. You all are heroes.

• Hey, this is your neighbor. You know, the one that ain’t been out his driveway for two weeks. How do you know that he ain’t been out of his driveway in, oh, about two weeks? Because there ain’t no tracks going in and out of his driveway because of the snow. You ever thought about going back and asking him if he needs some milk or a loaf of bread or something or another? Maybe he’s laying in there dead. How about checking on your neighbors? You know you can see that driveway and you can tell that he ain’t been in and out. …

• I’m calling in about Corydon Live. I have wondered why they have not had any ads in the last two weeks and when you call the number it is disconnected. Are they closed for good? I was just wondering. And if people’s got tickets for their shows, can they get reimbursed for their money and not lose their money? Could somebody answer these questions?

Editor’s note: According to a post made Feb. 16 on Corydon Live’s Facebook page, it has closed “indefinitely.” A post on Feb. 22 shows the commercial building as listed for sale.

• Outside of Elizabeth, at Highway 11 and Greenbriar Road, the water stands … and the problem of the standing is because there’s not a pipe in the driveway. …

• I’m find it pretty funny you get an elected official that decides she ain’t getting enough money and that’s OK, but you’ve got other employees out here in the county that’s brought all this to everybody’s attention but they seem to get left to the backside. I’m just kind of curious. Could somebody answer that question for me?

• I talked to some guys that were out plowing snow and the roads, and they were talking about how they had to work a holiday and they don’t even get time and a half to work a holiday. They don’t get overtime ’til after 40 hours, I mean. I just don’t quite think that’s right. I mean, if I was a county employee, I sure wouldn’t be working out there on a holiday.

• The sun is coming up on America again.

• I’ll be glad when this new park opens downtown (Corydon) here by the creek. It looks bad on the other side of the creek though, where they have all these old junk cars and stuff. Car parts just everywhere. Trash everywhere. Just junky looking. Hopefully, they’ll get that cleaned up before the park opens up.

• Gas prices have gone up 40 cents a gallon in one month. What is the president’s goal, $4 a gallon and a huge tax increase? Hang on to your hats.

• I want to start off with a happy note. I was witness to a very unselfish act today. I generally go to The Salvation Army every day. Everyone who works there has a very kind spirit. A couple came in today and was looking for help. They said they had called several places for help to no avail. They had no gas for the necessities. One of the workers gave them gas money and told them about resources that would be able to help them. Salvation Army is a great organization with kind-hearted employees that always make you feel welcome. God bless them all.

• Sixty years ago this year Corydon (Central) players and fans attending the final game on Saturday at the Salem boys’ sectional were snowed in after all the roads out of Salem were closed. Would love to hear comments from anyone who was stranded or remembers that sectional.

• In last week’s Live Wire, there was a comment made by someone who talked about the Democrats and the dark money and the untraced money coming in to support Joe Biden and Democrats. To that person, whoever they are, those are all federal crimes and, if you could provide some type of proof, tangible proof, a link to where this money is going or where it came from, something tangible that we can take, I will make sure that you will present this. Give us names. Give us links to your information. I will make sure that I get this introduced into an investigation into this dark money that you seem to know a lot about. Or is this just another one of the Republican baseless allegations that they make? This is how easy it is. I can say that Donald Trump is mentally unstable. Do I have any proof? No. All I have to do is make an allegation but provide no proof. See, it’s out there. …

• So, why are (prices going up) at the gas pumps by the big oil companies? We’ve got all this oil and gas in reserves and the gas that we’re paying for at the pump is already here. Gas shouldn’t be any higher than $2.20 a gallon. We’ve been getting gouged for years in Southern Indiana …

• Just look. Old Joe Biden’s been in office for a month now and look what’s happened to the gas prices; they’ve gone through the roof. I hate to see what else is going to happen in his presidential duties.

• It’s Sunday afternoon. I’m getting  ready to watch Trump at the CPAC, and I’m going to have to ask myself, as a Christian, and I try to live my life following the teachings of Christ, I’ve got to ask anybody out there, Republicans or Democrats that try and live their life the same way by following the teachings of Christ and how to treat other people. I’m mystified as to how anyone can continue their support of Donald Trump because everything I’ve seen over the last five years he doesn’t show that he’s a man who himself that follows the Christian teachings. So, I’ll ask you, if your pastor was to get up in church and demonize a certain political party, is that a person that you want in your church? If your pastor was to get up and make fun of somebody with a mental handicap or a disability such as whenever Trump made fun of that reporter, is that somebody that you would want giving you spiritual readings at church? …

• I just want to give a big shout out to a father-son duo, Scott Schoen and his dad, Randall. Scott is the head coach for the Silver Creek  girls’ basketball team that just won a state championship this past Saturday. His dad is one of his assistants. They have many relatives in the county, which I’m sure are quite proud. Randall was very successful as South Central girls’ coach for a number of years. This accomplishment is something that is very well deserved as both Randall and Scott have done a terrific job over the years. Their (wife/)mother, Marsha, was taken from them a couple of years ago after a long bout with cancer. This family certainly deserved an accomplishment such as this. Job well done.

• Bernie Sanders said it best when he said that, sadly, the Republican Party has turned its back on democracy and evolved into an authoritarian party suppressing the vote, pushing big lies and conspiracy theories. Too many Americans have fought and died to defend our democratic way of life. We cannot and will not fail them.