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Education funding continues to be a top priority for state

Education funding continues to be a top priority for state
Education funding continues to be a top priority for state
State Rep. Steve Davisson

This past year, schools throughout the state took unprecedented steps to keep students and educators safe. Many schools temporarily shifted to virtual or hybrid learning, and some schools are continuing to operate under hybrid formats.

Current state law requires students to be in-person for class in order for schools to receive full funding, and we are already fast tracking legislation to address this issue.

House Bill 1003 will fully fund K-12 public school students for the 2020-21 school year, whether they are attending classes in person or virtually due to COVID-19. Schools receive 85% of the tuition support per virtual student, which is defined as a child learning 50% or more of their instruction online. Without legislative changes, most schools would qualify for a lower funding amount because of moving classes online this past year.

As many of our neighboring states are cutting their budgets, Indiana legislators are working to pass a fiscally responsible, biennial budget prioritizing our students and schools. Because we passed balanced budgets for over a decade and saved for economic downturns, Indiana can invest in areas like education. Education is our state’s largest investment, and our schools must continue receiving the resources they need to provide high-quality instruction to students.

House Bill 1003 recently advanced to the Senate for consideration, and our goal is to get it signed by the governor as soon as possible. We will also work on crafting a responsible budget that funds other critical government services.

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Editor’s note: State Rep. Steve Davisson, R-Salem, represents House District 73, which includes Washington County and portions of Harrison, Clark, Jackson, Lawrence and Orange counties.