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‘FIGHT’ to take big screen locally March 13

‘FIGHT’ to take big screen locally March 13 ‘FIGHT’ to take big screen locally March 13
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Travis Hancock, a Corydon native, was on a cruise last year when Mark Hubbard, a casting agent for First Capital Films who was also vacationing with his group, asked him if he would ever consider pursuing acting as a career.

As someone with no experience or prior interest in acting, Hancock laughed him off and enjoyed the rest of his vacation.

Little did Hancock know, however, that small question would spark a new passion for him and change the direction of his future.

Once returning from the trip, Hubbard gave Hancock a call and convinced him to come in for a cold reading of a part in an upcoming feature film he was working on called “FIGHT.”

Based on the film description, “FIGHT” — produced by First Capital Films, a Southern Indiana film company with ties to First Capital Christian Church in Corydon — is a story of a former small-town hero, Bo Lawson, who was an amateur boxing champion. As an adult, in the film, he is struggling with serious addiction and relationship issues and finds himself in his own fight for what really matters in life. It is in his training and preparation for the fight with a former hometown adversary, who has become a successful professional boxer, that he discovers what really matters.

After a successful script reading, Hancock graces the screen in the role of Bo.

“There is something that nearly everyone can relate to in this story,” said Hancock, who played football for the Corydon Central Panthers. “The film has such a good message, and I am so proud to be a part of something bigger than myself.”

Other lead roles are played by Sarah Cleveland (Kacie), John French (Sal) and Lindsay Rawert (Tammy Lynn).

Without the film even being in theaters or available to screens yet, the production is already receiving positive feedback.

Joshua K. Carpenter, head of Global Acquisition and Sales for GreenApple Entertainment, an industry leading global distributor of independent film and television content, said in a review of the film that “FIGHT” is “a quality picture that’s entertaining with a compelling story, which mainstream audiences around the world can enjoy and be encouraged by.”

“FIGHT” also has been invited to be screened at the Chicago Family and Faith Film Festival in March. More than 60 films were submitted to be screened at this event, and “FIGHT” was one of the seven selected.

“I can’t even express what an honor that is,” Hancock said. “To be in my first- ever film and for it to be selected to show at a festival is just something you could have never convinced me would happen. It is all so, so surreal.”

“FIGHT” will host its premiere at Corydon Cinemas on Saturday, March 13.

The film’s director, Tyler Sansom, who also directed First Capitol’s 2018 movie,“Restore,” said he is looking forward to using the premiere night as a way of celebrating all they have done in the time of COVID-19 to make this film possible.

“The movie became a reality during these incredibly challenging times because of the financial sacrifices that the entire staff and team made, along with the support of local businesses and the community,” he said. “The premier will be a celebration of the culmination of an entire community’s body of work.”

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