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February 24, 2021

February 24, 2021 February 24, 2021

• In 1776, King George III was king of England and the American colonies. America decided it did not want a king; it wanted a democracy and a constitution where people voted. In 2020, people voted and President Trump lost. President Trump decided votes don’t count and then, if they don’t count, he is the king, or some would say dictator, so he ordered an attack on the U.S. Capitol, the first time since England attacked it in 1812. Forty-three Republican U.S. senators agreed with President Trump’s attempt to disregard the peoples’ vote as protected by the U.S. Constitution, which is the foundation of our democracy in America that has endured for 245 years. The Roman Empire lasted for 450 years. Perhaps their governing body was more committed and steadfast in doing their duty.

• Concerning COVID-19, wake up, America. We are not exempt. Wear your mask.

• I think it’s really funny to listen to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and other Texas officials try to blame their situation on wind turbine power being froze up, which they don’t have any trouble with it freezing up in other states in the union where it’s even colder than that. But the real thing is wind turbines only comprise 7% of the energy in Texas. What the real trouble is they didn’t winterize their gas and oil transmission apparatus and all that froze up, so basically it’s incompetence on the State of Texas and all those officials in Texas. And by the way, most people don’t know but they opted out of federal regulation …

• You know what’s patriotic? Loving your country enough to care for its poor, fund its institutions, unite its communities, educate its children, restore its environment, plan for its future, build its alliances and tell it the truth.

• With the passing of Rush Limbaugh, I guess there’s one less conservative that the media and the political powers have to censor. You might not have liked him, but he was a power to behold. He was a voice. Rest in peace, Rush.

• Being Rush Limbaugh has passed away, he will be greatly missed. He was one of the pioneers of talk radio. He’s up there in the league with people like Paul Harvey … and Randy Blake. Anyway, he’ll surely be missed.

• I would like to know what everyone thinks of the high gas prices now. They were under $2. Now look at them.

• About the county jobs survey, about high and low the pay is, I would say most of them are too high and they have a good pension. That is what a lot of people want the jobs and change their political party to get it easier …

• I just read in The (Corydon) Democrat the county had a study done and it showed some officials were overpaid and some under. That same study showed that the employees were underpaid also but no one seems to care about that or that they were supposed to start paying people for their job duties, not pay employees the same across the board. Yet, they’ll spend millions of dollars on the connector road. What a joke.

• The 2020 presidential election showed us one thing. For sale. $1.5 billion the Democrats raised of which $145 million was dark money. Dark money is money that by loopholes cannot be traced to individuals, corporations or foreign countries. Now comes the payback. With a stroke of a pen, thousands of good-paying union jobs gone. Calls for taxpayer-funded abortion at home and abroad. The Democrats planned, funded and executed a perfect storm. Now we Americans get to live it.

• I want to thank all the snow plow drivers that worked long hours to clear a road and make them safe for us. They did a great job and deserve to be recognized. Thanks again, snow plow drivers.

• I just want to praise the neighbors that helped neighbors at a time with this snow, helping them to clean their driveways out to make sure they could get out. I know we’ve had some bad weather, but there’s a lot of good people out there that will check on their neighbors and help them in this way, and praise God for that.