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Courthouse ‘recipe’ may be seen in 2021-22

Courthouse ‘recipe’ may be seen in 2021-22 Courthouse ‘recipe’ may be seen in 2021-22
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

When it comes to past and future design plans for the Harrison County Court House, according to council president Donnie Hussung, he doesn’t have a problem with the pie; he just wants to see the recipe, something he said at a joint commissioners and council meeting last Wednesday afternoon.

It seemed the other council members who were in attendance — Richard Gerdon, Kyle Nix and Brad Wiseman — were in agreement with him. And after meeting with all three commissioners and representatives from Shrout Tate Wilson Consulting Engineers and Shireman Construction, the possibility of reviving the past maintenance and design work to accommodate the HVAC, plumbing and electrical issues could be back on the agenda.

The council seemed to get some answers as well at the meeting from the engineers and designers to some of the questions they had inquired about at the previous joint meeting on Feb. 3, one being on the benefit of doing all of these projects at once as opposed to tackling something like the plumbing right away and then the HVAC and electrical in a succession order.

Ben Shireman of Shireman Construction explained to the governing bodies that it was of extreme importance in large-scale projects like this to do everything all at once in order to have each project manager and contractor there to coordinate on design work.

“There is only so much real estate for these contractors at the courthouse,” Shireman said. “If everyone isn’t coordinated on the plans, it could be even more costly for you all later on if someone has to reconfigure what another company has done prior.”

After spending much of the meeting breaking down the exact systems that need replaced and why, along with anything that could be removed from the list as something that could be replaced later on without affecting the overall project, it seems everyone left the meeting with actionable items to take in order to move forward.

If everything goes according to plan, no action will begin to happen at the courthouse until winter 2021-22 due to construction needing cooler temperatures to make many of the needed changes.

Until that time, the council agreed that in the coming week they would give the designers and engineers a breakdown of what they would like to see in the itemized cost list presented for their approval on the project, this being because they want to know the rough estimate of what each item will cost.

After the designers and engineers see that list, they will then be able to return with said list and move forward with the proposal and job-bidding portion of the design work.

In 2020, the commissioners had brought the council this nearly-identical proposal which came in at about $2 million. Shireman said that, due to inflation and the time that has passed, the county should estimate it will cost more than that if done this upcoming winter.

The council members and commissioners in attendance all agreed that they cannot wait any longer to take care of this issue and hope to move forward on it as soon as possible.