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CC’s Crain earns 2 spots in state swim finals

North Harrison swimmers finish fifth
CC’s Crain earns 2 spots in state swim finals
CC’s Crain earns 2 spots in state swim finals
Corydon Central’s Hunter Crain celebrates not one, but two, first-place victories at the Jasper boys’ swim sectional Saturday to advance to the Indiana High School Athletic Association state finals this weekend at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis. Submitted photo
Jo Ann Spieth-Saylor, Editor, [email protected]

Hunter Crain accomplished something no other male swimmers at Corydon Central High School have done: advance to the Indiana High School Athletic Association state swim finals.

In his quest at last weekend’s sectional at Jasper High School, the junior took first in two events, the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke, the only ones he participated in. Crain also posted new school records in both, finishing the 100 fly in 53.08 and the 100 backstroke in 55.28.

“Hunter is a quiet young man,” said Matt Hamblen, coach of the Corydon Central swim team. “He works hard, very hard. He is on a mission.

Prior to the butterfly, which is the sixth event of the 12, Hamblen said he talked briefly with Crain.

“I told him I am not real big on the motivational speeches,” Hamblen said. “He looked at me and said, ‘It’s OK.’ As I looked at him, I knew he was ready. I said, ‘Go get ’em!’ The rest is history.”

Crain finished nearly two seconds ahead of Jasper’s Connor Nolan, who finished second in 55.05.

“He had a dominating performance in the butterfly, using his turns to stay ahead of the competition,” Hamblen said.

Four events later, Crain was challenged in the backstroke by Joshua Halvorson of Heritage Hills, who beat him earlier in the season. Crain’s time was 55.28, while Halvorson’s was 55.61.

Crain’s coach again credited his strength on his turns for the first-place finish.

“Hunter broke the school record both nights in both events at sectionals,” Hamblen said. “I still feel he has some time to drop.

“Now he has set himself up for the biggest stage in his career,” he said. “Hunter is as cool as a cucumber. He will do fine at state.”

Crain’s teammate, senior Oliver Zink, finished 11th in his two events: the 50-yard freestyle, with a time of 25.82, and the 100-yard breaststroke, in 1:17.25.

North Harrison had nine swimmers compete at sectional, with junior Cody Vernon earning two sixth-place finishes. The first was in the 50-yard freestyle, with a time of 23.55, and the other in the 100-yard freestyle, with a time of 51.74.

Ezra Pappano, a senior, was seventh in the 100-yard breaststroke, touching the wall in 1:14.21. His brother, Elliot Pappano, a junior, was ninth in the 100-yard butterfly, with a time of 1:05.62, and 10th in the 200-yard IM (2:31.61).

As a team, North Harrison was fifth in the 200-yard freestyle relay, with swimmers Ezra Pappano, Noah Ricketts, Ryan Colin and Vernon, with a time of 1:44.36; sixth in the 400-yard freestyle relay (Vernon, Lucas Miller, Elliot Pappano and Ezra Pappano) in 3:51.93; and ninth in the 200-yard medley relay (Gavin Davis, Gavin Wernert, Elliot Pappano and Colin) with a time of 2:12.54.

Team results: 1. Jasper 540, 2. Bedford North Lawrence 360, 3. Heritage Hills 194, 4. Forest Park 164, 5. North Harrison 149, 6. Vincennes Lincoln 132, 7. South Spencer 127, 8. Tecumseh 126, 9. South Knox 118, 10. Northeast Dubois 98, 11. Pike Central 88, 12. Corydon Central 52, 13. Tell City 1.

Event results: 200-medley relay – 1. Jasper 1:41.07, 2. Bedford North Lawrence 1:42.19, 3. Heritage Hills 1:47.42, 9. North Harrison 2:12.54; 200-yard free – 1. J. Siewers (SK) 1:44.41, 2. J. Allen (BNL) 1:48.67, 3. J. Halvorson (HH), 12. Lance Marinc (NH) 2:17.27, 15. Matthew Moorman (NH) 2:22.94; 200-yard IM – 1. A. Swenson (BNL) 1:59.82, N. Wagner (JAS) 2:04.50, 3. C. Nolan (JAS) 2:09.23, 10. Elliot Pappano (NH) 2:31.61, 14. Lucas Miller (NH) 2:36.70, 15. Gavin Wernert (NH) 2:46.50; 50-yard free – 1. P. Buse (TEC) 20.80*, 2. C. Baker (BNL) 22.42, 3. L. Dawkins (JAS) 22.57, 6. Cody Vernon (NH) 23.55, 11. Oliver Zink (CC) 25.82, 12. Ezra Pappano (NH) 26.11; 100-yard fly – 1. Hunter Crain (CC) 53.08, 2. C. Nolan (JAS) 55.05, 3. A. Bushkoetter (JAS) 56.34, 9, Elliot Pappano (NH) 1:05.62; 100-yard free – 1. J. Siewers (SK) 46.55, 2. P. Buse (TEC) 46.97, 3. G. Hawkins (JAS) 49.48, 6. Cody Vernon (NH) 51.74; 500-yard free – 1. N. Wagner (JAS) 4:53.82, 2. A. Eckman (JAS) 4:55.49, 3. A. Swenson (BNL) 4:58.14, 12. Lance Marinc (NH) 6:14.55, 16. Matthew Moorman (NH) 6:33.51; 200-yard free relay – 1. Jasper 1:30.06, 2. South Knox 1:34.75, 3. Bedford North Lawrence 1:37.98, 5. North Harrison 1:44.36; 100-yard back – 1. Hunter Crain (CC) 55.28, 2. J. Halvorson (HH) 55.61, 3. C. Baker (BNL) 56.58; 100-yard breast – 1. L. Dawkins (JAS) 1:02.65, 2. A. Eckman (JAS) 1:02.91, 3. C. Newman (VIN) 1:06.33, 7. Ezra Pappano (NH) 1:14.21, 11. Oliver Zink (CC) 1:17.25; 400-yard free relay – 1. Jasper 3:19.86, 2. Bedford North Lawrence 3:23.87, 3. Heritage Hills 3:37.13, 6. North Harrison 3:51.93.