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Perseverance Chapel

Perseverance Chapel Perseverance Chapel
Dottie Kitterman | 738-2879

Celebrating his first birthday, on Feb. 16, was my great-grandson, Jacob A. Kitterman. His parents are Devin and Mary Kitterman; grandparents are David and Barbara Kitterman.

My daughter Patty and her son Terry came up from Munfordville, Ky., on the last Sunday in December to exchange gifts with her son, Chris Duley’s family and Jessica Adamson (daughter) with Kelsi. They had quite a time opening gifts in the driveway. It was a sunny day, not too cold. I watched from my kitchen deck. We were all masked up for safety.

Many health and other concerns are for Bill Gerdon, Teresa Crawhorn, Dottie Kitterman, Ruth Lopp, Cathy Puckett, Billie Green, Tim McCutcheon, Susan Graves, Ron Leffler, Ray McDaniels, Carolyn Miller, Tom Dearth and Carl and Barb Whitman.

Expressions of sympathy to the Andrew Craig family, Richard Briles family, Thelma Crosier family, Bonnie Dennison family, Jay Jordan family and Longacre/Pflanz families.

Other concerns are prayers for our military, leadership of our country and, hopefully, this COVID-19 virus will slow down soon.

Perseverance Chapel United Methodist Church continues to have Sunday morning worship at 9:30 followed by Sunday school at 10:30. Social distancing is a must, as everyone does their part to sit throughout the sanctuary in different pews. Masks are also in use.

There was a pitch-in lunch and party Feb. 14 following church for Valentine’s Day.

Following church on March 7, there will be a board meeting along with a cemetery committee meeting with Victor McCauley, who has been working on the survey for the cemetery and Perseverance Chapel United Methodist Church.

I want to give a special thanks to Marci Dearth, who prints the monthly church calendar. She does a very good job.

The Dixie Bells continue to be active, meeting once a week at the fellowship building, usually on Tuesday or Thursday about 11 a.m. They have lunch.

Special thanks to Judy Hollensead, Connie Hennings, Brenda Uhl, Susan Graves and Jean Wiseman for recent donated items, including crochet items.