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February 17, 2021

February 17, 2021 February 17, 2021

• … Walmart put in parking areas for pharmacy pickup only and there seems to always be somebody in those parking areas that is not doing a pharmacy pickup …

• Trump is money and power. He stoked the fight on Jan. 6. He is a dangerous man. Republican party needs to man up. I’m glad he was not my choice. The people that he had drank the Kool-Aid. He was creating a coup. He thought he would get people to fight for him, and he did. … They should lock him up. Impeachment is not enough. …

• My electric outage was repaired in about one hour, thanks to the dedicated, hard-working REMC employees.

• I hope all of those who put up “We love our police” signs and “Blue lives matter” signs didn’t vote for the person who invited his supporters to go to the capitol and fight. Three officers are dead and 100 were injured. They were beat with poles. Their eyes were gouged, fingers lost and crushed in doorways. They were defending the American seat of democracy, our capitol, and their lives matter.

• I see all of these pictures in the paper about different games at Lanesville, Corydon, and why aren’t these schools making these children, parents, teachers, anybody that attends, wear a mask? You can clearly see it in the pictures. Some will have them on below their chin, below their nose. The coaches don’t have their masks on. Why ain’t this being enforced? … I understand these children want to play, but we need to keep people safe so they can continue on playing.

• It’s so very sad that The Corydon Democrat doesn’t know that the Lanesville Eagles are purple, not blue. Where’s your purple ink, guys?

Editor’s note: We, too, were extremely disappointed that the pages with the Lanesville Lady Eagles turned out blue instead of the purple that we sent to the printer.

• Next time the GOP claims Blue Lives Matter, remind them one cop was murdered with a fire extinguisher, two cops died by suicide, 140 cops were injured, one had brain trauma, one had a crushed disc, one lost three fingers, one was stabbed with a metal stake, one lost an eye and they acquitted the man responsible.

• To ask that Trump’s words and actions leading up to Jan. 6 caused the insurrection on our nation’s capitol is a no-brainer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a no-brainer.

• Watching the House impeachment debate on TV, one thing has become very, very clear. It’s already been said that most of the Republicans are not going to vote to convict Donald Trump and it’s been said why is because they’re afraid that they won’t get re-elected. They’re afraid they’re going to lose votes because of this. They’re afraid their career is going to go down the drain. These Republicans are afraid of losing their career. That’s a stark difference between the police officers. They weren’t worried about their career. They weren’t even worried about their own life. They were willingly there to sacrifice their life, to defend them, those Republicans, against the angry mob that was going in there. That’s a big difference, isn’t it? Police officers willing to give up their own life to defend those people, and these Republicans won’t even vote to convict Donald Trump because they’re afraid of losing their career. It’s nothing but shameful. Very shameful.

• I’ve noticed several people have been commenting on how everything now in four weeks is all Joe Biden’s fault. Well, I think they need to realize, and please pay attention very, very closely to what Mitch McConnell said at the end of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, of which the second impeachment trial had more people of his own party vote for an indictment of him than ever in American history, also being the only president who’s ever been impeached twice, listen closely to what Mitch McConnell said about Donald John Trump that he can now be prosecuted because he is now a private citizen. And, as usual, Donald Trump and his followers will claim that he is as pure as the wind-driven snow. May I suggest you look at his past and you will, therefore, know everything you need to know about his morals, his convictions, his mode of operation, and I pray to the loving God that he never gets elected to any office in this United States of America. Good luck.

• I want to thank the Harrison County highway workers that take care of the whole southern part down here. They’ve done a real good job during this ice and snow, and I just really appreciate them. They actually probably deserve more praise than I’m giving them. I really appreciate you guys.

• For four years, Sen. Mitch McConnell, as if walking on eggs, was very careful when talking about actions of Trump. It was so refreshing to see the former Senate majority leader speak with complete conviction when, after the impeachment verdict, he said Trump was very definitely responsible for the Jan. 6 riot and could be civilly and criminally liable.

• Michelle Brewster, you should call Good Days that’s in Texas. They help pay for cancer treatments and gas for trips to get cancer treatments and their phone number is 877-968-7233 or 855-327-1134. If they have the funds, they will pay for mileage and they will also pay for your co-pay on your cancer treatments if it’s on their list. I wish you lots of luck. I’ve been dealing with cancer for over 10 years. Hang in there.

• Mitch McConnell is nothing but a hypocrite. He said Trump incited the riots but, yet, when it come time to (convict) him, he voted not to (convict). Him and the Republican party showed their true colors, and every one of them should be voted out for not impeaching Trump. They’re so worried about getting re-elected …