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Bill helping students combat learning loss advances

Bill helping students combat learning loss advances
Bill helping students combat learning loss advances
State Rep. Karen Engleman

The Indiana House of Representatives recently voted in support of legislation State Rep. Karen Engleman, R-Georgetown, co-authored that would establish the Student Learning Recovery Grant Program to help combat learning loss children may experience as a result of the pandemic.

Engleman said many students experienced learning loss during the pandemic. The proposal Engleman is working on would create a $150 million grant program to help Hoosier students who have fallen behind in class, scored below academic standards or are at risk of falling behind.

“Learning loss is something many students deal with after summer break, but they are usually able to relearn material quickly once they return to the classroom,” Engleman said. “However, studies show some students have lost nearly 200 days of learning over the last year as many schools shifted to remote or eLearning. This grant aims to connect students with resources to get up to speed and be better prepared to enter the next grade.”

According to Engleman, program criteria for grants would be determined by the Indiana Dept. of Education, along with the State Board of Education. The DOE would be responsible for overseeing the grant program.

In order to qualify for a grant, Engleman said organizations would need to submit a detailed plan that would be followed to supplement a student’s regular schoolwork.

“This is a unique opportunity for schools and other organizations like the Harrison County Boys & Girls Club to help students catch up in their studies,” Engleman said.

Visit for more information about House Bill 1008. This legislation now moves to the Senate for further consideration.