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February 3, 2021

February 3, 2021 February 3, 2021

• The callers who refer to Trump supporters as goons and side with Hillary Clinton in her reference as Trump supporters being radicals need to be schooled. At last count, there have been 125 arrests made in the Capitol riots. Some of those 125 were not Trump supporters … we may never know if all the charges will stick. Donald Trump received at least 74 million votes. Reduce that number by 125 of whom may or may not have been a Trump supporter and you still have at least 74 million peaceful Republican supporters.

• COVID-19 update: If you know you’re infected and you have been sick and definitely you have already tested positive for COVID-19, you do not need to go out in public. You do not need to go out and do business. It’s stupid, irresponsible and cruel and could cost someone else their life. If you get bored at home, go outside. Go for a drive, by yourself, in your car. Don’t go out in public so you can spread your positive COVID-19 with the rest of the community. … Not everyone has the same type of immune system. You could actually be the killer of an individual who otherwise would not be dying. Be responsible. Be smart. Be considerate. And if it’s not essential, you don’t need it. Wait until your 14 days are up, wear a mask and go get it. Or, send someone else to get it for you.

• I read recently in The New York Times where our new president is attempting to reunite caged children with their parents, which is becoming very difficult because they don’t know where the parents are. They went back to their South American countries and cannot be contacted. … I blame President Trump and his so-called non-patriot cohorts … for this atrocity that happened to these young kids, some as young as 9 months … Even when Americans protested, Trump kept it up. This man deserved to be impeached again. …

• We got a whopping two inches of snow Wednesday and they canceled school. Why? … In the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s when the county roads were mostly gravel, it could snow six inches and we’d still have school, so what’s the problem? We got better roads. The roads can be scraped easier. …

• This is for the happy ad, please. Have a very wonderful anniversary to my husband of 30 years. Yes, everyone; I know he’s been gone for three of those, but I love him just as much today, even more than I did the day I met him, so he deserves recognition for the day. I love him so much.

• I will turn on the mute button when the person doing the commentary is Dan Dakich, Bill Walton, Dick Vitale or Donald Trump.

• I just saw on channel 41 Sunday morning a picture of a dog that was starved to death. My children sat there and cried and said how could anybody do that. Once a beautiful dog. I beg you in Harrison County, if you see animal abuse, please, please, please call the Harrison County (Animal) Control or the sheriff. Please. You have to be their voice.

• The relief money that the Democrats are wanting to give to the public is no more than people getting their money back that they gave them. During hard times, people need as much money as they can get. It is your money; you gave it to them. Now they want to give it back to you; let them do it. …