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County applies for Community Crossings grant for roads project

Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Harrison County Board of Commissioners, during a special meeting last Wednesday, voted unanimously to sign a letter confirming the county’s financial commitment for a Community Crossings grant for the Harrison County Highway Dept.

The grant, if approved, would go toward a $1.5 million resurfacing project for numerous roads in Harrison County. The grant is a 75-25 split, with a maximum of $1 million the highway department would receive.

According to Kevin Russel, director of the Harrison County Highway Dept., the roads that would be resurfaced with this grant money are:

Burgess Circle Road, between Rothrock Mill and Moberly roads;

Hancock Chapel Road, between North Road and S.R. 135;

Oak Park Road between Motts Road and S.R. 64;

Atwood Street between Beechmont Drive and Corydon town limits;

Buck Creek Ridge Road between St. Peter’s Church Road and Springway Drive;

Flatwoods Road between Woody Lane and the end of the road;

Gardner Lane between S.R. 337 and end of the road;

Simler Road between Ten Dollar and Lake roads;

Sky Park Drive between S.R. 135 -and end of the road;

South Gethsemane Road between S.R. 62 and Green Valley Road (north);

Valley View Road between Bridge No. 112 and Heidelberg Road;

Black Chapel Road between Elizabeth-New Middletown and McPhillips roads;

Camp Louanna Road between Lamb Ridge Road and end of blacktop;

Hillcrest Drive between Town of Mauckport limits and S.R. 135; and

Lamb Ridge Road between Rosewood Road and end of the road.

The grant application was due Friday. Russel noted he will keep the county officials aware of its status.