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God’s Earthly Creations offered in Corydon

God’s Earthly Creations offered in Corydon
God’s Earthly Creations offered in Corydon
God’s Earthly Creations book display features some work from local Southern Indiana authors for sale. Photo by Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Charles and Shelly Kendrick had talked and dreamed of having a store of their own one day. But it took Shelly being laid off from her previous job due to COVID-19 for the couple to take the plunge and do it.

The result is God’s Earthly Creations, a gift and collectible store located at 109 N. Water St. in Corydon often referred to by locals as “the old ice house.”

“We were driving by what is now the shop one day, and Charles looked at me and said, ‘Hey, we should buy that,’ very casually,” said the former Shelly Lasley. “I panic over everything, so I started asking a ton of questions, but, ultimately, we decided to trust in God and each other and go for it.”

The shop became a family effort, with Charles and their son doing the majority of the remodels. Shelly’s mother, Diana Lasley hand-makes wreaths and centerpieces that are sold in the store as well.

The store also boasts Christian books, memorial gifts and household items in the front room. In another room, there are vintage collectibles and antiques — from chests to bowler hats to signage — for sale.

In a third space is pottery made by Kicking Bird, a Native American artist and pastor who creates unique Christian-based pottery pieces. God’s Earthly Creations has pieces from him like the Ten Commandments and art with scripture on it.

“We try to have things that are unique and different that you can’t find at other stores,” Shelly said. “It was meant to be for us to open the store, and I believe it is the direction we are supposed to go. I’m excited to grow with the community and supply residents with great gifts and items for others and themselves.”

God’s Earthly Creations is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Shelly said they may expand that time frame to add more hours or days as it gets warmer throughout the year.

Find God’s Earthly Creations on Facebook or call 812-225-5000 for more information.