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Election board reviews campaign finance reports

Election board reviews campaign finance reports Election board reviews campaign finance reports
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Harrison County election board met Friday afternoon to finalize all campaign finance reports from those who ran for elected positions in 2020. Much of the meeting was spent double-checking expenditures and that the campaign balances were correct.

While there were a few clerical misfiling errors that will need to be corrected by the candidates on only a couple of forms, the majority were filed correctly and without mistakes.

The board voted unanimously to elect Maryland Austin to serve as chair of the board for 2021, succeeding Susie Weigle, who will serve this year as vice chair.

Sherry Brown, the county’s Circuit Court Clerk who serves on the election board by virtue of her office, and the other two board members discussed a couple of issues they hope to look into during this year, one being the possibility of redistricting precincts in Harrison County.

The board members went over voter turnout for each precinct, noting that some locations had very small numbers at a couple hundred, with others reaching near 1,500 on the higher side. Two thousand is the threshold for the number of voters in a precinct in Harrison County.

The board ultimately decided to study maps of the county and voter numbers for each precinct to make a better judgment and tabled the discussion until a future meeting.

The other issue discussed at the meeting was the possibility of either moving the voting location in the future from the courthouse to another building or to somehow redirect the flow of voters once inside to help prevent congestion or a bottleneck of people.

Board members discussed various government buildings in Harrison County that could potentially be a better fit for voting to take place but, ultimately, decided to table this discussion as well to continue to think about possibilities and options.