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Changes made in graduation exam testing

Changes made in graduation exam testing Changes made in graduation exam testing
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

Students at Lanesville Junior-Senior High School will see a change in their graduation examination testing for the next few years, according to principal Steve Morris, who also serves as superintendent of the Lanesville Community School Corp.

Juniors at Lanesville may have believed they would be getting out of having to take the normal standardized test, the ISTEP, as they were placed on virtual learning during the time they would have taken it last year; however, that won’t be the case.

Morris told the school board of trustees, during its meeting last Tuesday, that juniors will be taking the ISTEP the week of Feb. 8 to makeup for not taking it last year. This will also serve as their graduation exam, which is required to be completed and passed before graduation.

Current sophomores also will not take the ISTEP this year like normal. Rather, they will take the test next year as juniors.

Each class after that, starting with ninth graders, will then complete the SAT their junior year, which will serve as their graduation exam, Morris said.

Students will have to come to the school building to take each of their respected standardized tests, no matter the grade they are in.

Morris said they are still working through glitches that could come up due to any amount of students being in quarantine and they hope to have answers to questions regarding that matter figured out soon.

He also explained that the board and administration will begin to evaluate where to spend the expected Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act dollars that will come in from the second round of federal funds that were given to the states. While he doesn’t know the exact amount Lanesville Community School Corp. will receive, Morris expects more than the last round, which was about $45,000.

The funds from the first round were mainly used for a permanent substitute teacher position, cleaning supplies and for the after-school tutoring program.

This time, Morris suggested they focus the money toward the goal of getting caught up students who may have fallen behind in classes.

Once the school corporation is notified of the exact dollars they will receive, more decisions will be made.

In other business, the board voted unanimously for Sharon Rothrock to be the board president, succeeding Robert (Bob) Schickel, who remains on the board as a member. Margaret Meyer and Jason Abell were unanimously voted to serve as vice president and secretary, respectively.

After the new appointments were made, and under the suggestion of Morris, the board voted unanimously to extend a resolution which ended Jan. 1. The resolution allows staff up to 10 paid days off from work due to COVID-19 circumstances, which may require them to quarantine. This resolution is extended through March, when the matter will be looked into again and possibly extended. It was noted this is not an additional 10 days for those who have used any days due to quarantine.

The board of trustees is scheduled to meet again Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 5:30 p.m. in the Lanesville Junior-Senior High School cafeteria.