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Sewer district board ready for new year

Sewer district board ready for new year Sewer district board ready for new year
Kaitlyn Clay, Staff Writer, [email protected]

The Harrison County Regional Sewer District board had its first meeting of 2021 on Friday morning. The board chose to re-elect all the prior year’s officers for 2021, with Tom Tucker serving as president.

It was noted the county council has yet to make its appointment to the board, but a decision should be made soon.

Steve Tolliver, the system operator with Aqua Utility Service, said during his operation’s report that everything seemed to be in compliance for the month of December. A rain event within the month created a few issues with an effluent pump, but he hopes to make a permanent fix to this soon to stop these issues from coming up in the future.

During the report on the Berkshire Mobile Home Park east of New Salisbury, it was noted there are a few problems with inflow and infiltration. Most issues, according to Matt Robinson of Heritage Engineering, are coming from an older section of the lines there, and Heritage’s team is looking into the idea of televising that area to better understand where any damage may be.

This issue is still being examined, however, and a report will be made at the next meeting on any plans to move forward.

Robinson said the Smith lift station is still being evaluated for the cause of the accumulation of surface water in the area, something brought up at December’s meeting, but he is hoping they will be able to put in a small sump pump to fix the issue.

In good news for the sewer district, the first model home located at the Poplar Trace subdivision, being built off Corydon-Ramsey Road west of Corydon, has been hooked up to the Harrison County sewer system. As those homes are built and purchased, each will become customers of the sewer district.

In other business, Tucker commented that the county council has signed its section of the agreement with the Town of Corydon and the sewer district. The agreement establishes the sewer district as its own separate entity apart from the county, something that was never fully completed and transferred at the district’s inception.

The sewer board’s next meeting is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 19, at 8:30 a.m. at the government center in Corydon.