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State reps get committee assignments

State reps get committee assignments State reps get committee assignments

State Rep. Stephen Bartels, R-Eckerty, was recently appointed to three House standing committees and named assistant majority whip for the Indiana House Republican Caucus.

Bartels was selected by House Speaker Todd Huston, R-Fishers, to serve as a member of the House Courts and Criminal Code and House Veterans Affairs and Public Safety committees. He was newly appointed to the House Public Policy Committee. As assistant majority whip, Bartels will work with caucus members on critical issues facing the state.

Bartels, a former law enforcement officer and Army veteran, said he will use his decades of service to give invaluable insight during committee meetings.

“Being able to offer up my experiences as a former law enforcement officer and a veteran will be extremely helpful on these committees, as we tackle important issues to our area,” he said. “From discussing additional training and resources police may need, to how we can attract more veterans to move to Indiana, there will be many conversations in which my background will come in handy.”

Reps. Steve Davisson, R-Salem, and Karen Engleman, R-Georgetown, were recently appointed to several House standing committees.

Davisson was appointed to serve as vice chair of the House Public Health Committee and will once again serve as a member of the House Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee. He was also newly appointed to serve on the House Agriculture and Rural Development Committee.

“The committee process allows legislators to use their knowledge about a particular subject matter to help fully vet a bill before it is considered by the full House of Representatives,” Davisson said. “Whether it is addressing public health issues or the small-business owners’ concerns, legislators can discuss proposals and hear from the public and industry experts on what policies make sense for Indiana.”

Engleman was reappointed to serve as a member of the House Government and Regulatory Reform Committee, the House Local Government Committee, the House Judiciary Committee and the House Statutory Committee on Ethics.

“Having previously served as county auditor, I know there are numerous opportunities to reduce red tape and improve our processes,” Engleman said. “As we’ve seen by this pandemic, county and city governments need the flexibility to make quick decisions. By updating and modernizing our systems, local officials will be able to do just that.”

Engleman was also named assistant majority floor leader and will work closely with her fellow caucus members on legislative priorities.

House standing committees will meet throughout the legislative session, which is scheduled to kick off on Jan. 4.

Access committee hearings, calendars and agendas online at Visit for the full list of House standing committee appointments.