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December 9, 2020

December 9, 2020 December 9, 2020

• I don’t really understand what’s going on with the restaurant industry. They claim they’ve laid their people off who are starving and requiring donated money from the government when there’s all kinds of jobs at UPS, Amazon, hundreds of jobs starting at $20 an hour and going up. So, what is with these people? Are they so lazy they want the government hand-out first? Maybe some cheese while in line? The Republicans have always been complaining about socialism. Well, this is socialism at its height. It’s definitely not capitalism. So there; my thoughts.

• Someone was comparing Joe Biden and President Trump concerning their religion, and they said Biden went to church Sunday and all this and that. Well, it still don’t stop him from approving and promoting same-sex marriages and abortion killing all those little babies. President Trump don’t believe in either one of them, and President Trump he did confess Jesus as his savior. It was on the TV.

• I’m calling about the lot on S.R. 62 and Corydon-Ramsey Road. It was so overgrown with weeds and trees. Now, it is being cleared out and cleaned up by the new owner, so a huge thanks goes out to you.

• What about county candidates switching parties to get elected? This just proves that people vote for the party, not for the qualifications of the candidate.

• This is about the mess on Highway 135 and Shiloh Road on the northeast corner. The county garage went out there and bought land and built a nice county garage, and right over there on the corner of the highway in plain view has been a mess ever since they built the garage. That mess needs to be cleaned up. It doesn’t need to be out there on the road for everybody to see.

• It looks to me like they’re making a playground right beside Chestnut Street. I thought this was what (Rice) Island would become, a play area. It doesn’t seem to me that this is a wise choice to have kids so close to a busy street when you have all that area inside of the Island for them to run and play.

• In watching church services online, I have observed very few attendees with masks on. I thought we were under a mask mandate indoors. Shouldn’t churches be setting an example? It seems like they are but, in my opinion, it is a very poor example. Locally, this seems to be the norm. In Kentucky, a large portion of resistance seems to always come from the churches. Churches seem to be giving the impression that they are immune to the virus and that God will protect them. We have the knowledge to be able to better combat the virus by wearing masks. Christians as well as non-Christians are getting sick and passing away daily. There is a scripture that says that God has no respect for persons that ran from the just and the unjust. I would like for someone to tell me just exactly what the church community is trying to prove and why. I am a part of that church community but am in disagreement with this stance.

• Every store you go into any more there’s a sign that says you must wear a face covering; you must wear a mask. That’s right. I agree. You get in there, the employees aren’t wearing a mask. What gives? I think you either wear a mask or go home. Period.

• I just read the Live Wire in The Corydon Democrat where someone called in and said they thought President Trump was the worst president ever. I disagree. I think Obama was the worst president ever because he promoted things like abortion. The Bible says thou shall  not kill. He promoted things like same-sex marriages. The Bible said that should not be. That is not to be. It’s an abomination to God. So, why do you think that God would want to bless our nation? Why do you think God would want to bless our nation after we had a president like Obama that did things that was contrary to the commandments of our precious God?

• It’s unfortunate that voters could not see beyond their nose in the November election. Donald Trump took no salary while working a 24/7 schedule because he loves our country. Joe Biden had 47 years to leave his positive mark. We’re still waiting. Trump is the most underappreciated president ever …

• They want to shut down the bars. Want to shut down the restaurants and this and that and they still want us to send our kids … Used to they would teach us in school that that was the worst place for diseases like a cold or a flu or whatever to spread. …

• I was just sitting around here watching the news and they mentioned (Louisville) Muhammad Ali (International) Airport. You know, I don’t think he was ever that great …

• I enjoy shopping the local downtown Corydon stores and want to thank the downtown merchants and all of the other businesses for the work necessary to create their cute storefronts and lovely holiday planters.

• They’re threatening to shut down a local, pretty popular restaurant here in town because somebody refuses to keep their mask on their face. So, I don’t think they should shut the restaurant down. I think they should send that person home. If they don’t want a job, then send them home. Everybody else should not lose their job because of one or two people. They can’t follow the rules, they just don’t have any money coming in. Everybody should not have to suffer.

• I’ve heard good things about the holiday lights hayrides on Indian Creek Trail; however, others are missing the trail on a daily basis. Surely, there’s a way to keep the trail open during the week while still having the hayrides on Friday and Saturday evenings.