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December 9, 2020

15 years ago

Dec. 5, 2005

Harrison County officials Monday delayed a decision until their next meeting on releasing the $3 million in riverboat revenue allocated by the council earlier for property tax relief through reduced school taxes. “Why not digest what we’ve heard today,” suggested Commissioner James Goldman at Monday’s meeting. “Give us a chance to cool down and make a decision” at the next meeting, Dec. 19. Council chair Gary Davis said he realizes that using riverboat revenue to reduce school taxes must be phased out over time, due to uncertainties surrounding the amount of riverboat revenue Harrison County will continue to receive.

A New Salisbury man remains hospitalized after being struck by a vehicle last Wednesday morning in Corydon as icy road conditions led to several crashes, including the one on S.R. 135 at the Interstate 64 overpass. Derrick W. Roy, 37, had been driving south on S.R. 135 in the left-hand lane when his Toyota Corolla hit the vehicle in front of him, which was driven by Terry L. Smith, 57, of Georgetown, according to Officer Marty McClanahan of the Harrison County Sheriff’s Dept. The men got out of their vehicles to asses the damage when a Ford Ranger pickup, driven by James R. Barr, was also unable to stop and pushed the vehicles. Roy was hit in the left leg by his own car.

A standing-room only crowd filled the Harrison County Commissioners Room last week for clarification and advice on Medicare prescription drug coverage which takes effect Jan. 1. Ninth District Congressman Mike Sodrel sponsored the forum in response to concerns of constituents, many of whom are trying to select a prescription drug plan from the more than 40 that are offered. Sodrel told the seniors, as did others, to count on a trusted pharmacy for help in selecting the most beneficial plan.

The Corydon Central Panthers came out with a quick message at their game against North Harrison Friday night: they were not to be taken lightly. Throughout the game the Panthers continued to rip the Cougars for a 63-45 win, leaving everybody from North Harrison stunned. “There’s no excuses,” said North Harrison coach Rick Snodgrass. “We just got beat. It’s one game as far as 20, but it’s a tough loss. It’s your county rival, but I give credit to them.”

Deaths: David M. Walker, 22; Dwan V. Hublar, 65; Lucine Ott, 76; Fred A. Knear, 81; Clara R. Sturgill, 93; Kathy Hammack, 56; Harold J. Faulkenburg, 80; Leora Haub, 86; Deborah A. King-Lawton, 52; Ray G. Baker, 81; Anita Lockman, 63.

25 years ago

Dec. 13, 1995

Harrison County’s quest for a riverboat gaming license will begin picking up steam early next year, and the county is currently taking steps to make sure it has adequate representation during the complex process. Seven engineering firms and four law firms answered the county’s request for proposals, and last Wednesday evening the Harrison County Riverboat Evaluation Team opened the bids. The county also plans to enlist a public relations agency in the near future.

A Lanesville woman almost broke down in tears as she admitted it would be difficult to reach an impartial decision in a drunk driving trial underway this week in Harrison Superior Court. “I had two good friends killed (earlier this year) by a drunk driver,” she said Monday afternoon during the jury selection process. “I would try to be impartial, but it would be hard.” Only one person has been selected for the jury after three hours of questioning, and the court adjourned for the day. Effects of alcohol-related accidents are making it increasingly difficult to select an impartial jury in cases, according to Prosecutor Ronald W. Simpson.

Nancy Snyder, an employee at the Corydon Capital State Historic Site, spent hours checking thousands of tiny Christmas lights in preparation for the “Light Up Corydon” event on Nov. 25. So who could blame her if she didn’t want to do much decorating at home. But that’s just what she did for most of Thanksgiving weekend. It was no small task considering she has a tree that’s 12 feet high. “I had a nine-foot tree until three years ago,” Snyder said. “I outgrew it.” Outgrew it? Well, yes. She has about 900 ornaments.

The North Harrison Lady Cats have been chasing the .500 mark and a home victory for a month and nabbed both with a 52-25 win over Floyd Central Saturday night in the first game of a varsity doubleheader. “It’s something we can build on,” said North Harrison coach Danny Schmidt, whose Lady Cats improved to 4-4. Jill Goldman made her last five shots against Floyd Central and paced the victory with a game-high 15 points. “Jill was the key,” said Schmidt. “She took over the rebounding with 10 and scored 15 points. To me, I’d say she scored 25.”

Deaths: Golda Shireman, 85; Everett Burdon, 91; Glen V. Watts, 78; Thelma H. Lang, 70; Margaret Francis, 84; Ola Mae Keithley, 87; Georgetta Rogge Van Hook, 84; Bernice L. Gurtz, 80; Gerald L. Richie, 58; Robert L. Balmer, 83; Gustava Owens, 78; Clyde Engleman, 91; Elizabeth Deirth, 22; Evelyn Whitman, 67; Emmett P. Julius, 62; Maymie H. Bullington, 83; Norma Lee Moore, 90.

50 years ago

Dec. 9, 1970

A nation-wide letter-writing campaign is being conducted by a Louisville group on behalf of families of prisoners of war and those missing in action, including a pilot from Laconia. Major Paul F. Johns has been missing in action since June 1968. These letters will be forwarded to the Paris Peace Talks to encourage North Vietnamese authorities to release information POWs.

James R. Benson and Ralph Love of Corydon and Charles Keithley of Georgetown attended a dinner meeting for auctioneers Monday night near Indianapolis.

One-hundred twenty-four persons donated blood last Tuesday during the blood mobile visit to Corydon. Those receiving donor pins were John Baelz, nine gallons; Alda Stauth, seven gallons; Hilda Voelker, six gallons. Two- and one-gallon pins to Elizabeth Heishman, Carmen Shewmaker, Wanda Chinn, Lucille Stewart, Rosemary Melton, Charles Eckert, Mildred Spears, Norma Blank and James Norman.

The Kintner Building, a 140-year-old brick building, at the corner of Chestnut Street and Capitol Avenue, is getting a facelift, new paint and new roof.

Births: Boys — Ruby Uhl, Diane Franks, Donna Maymon, Mrs. Wayne Fravel; girls — Vicki Pittman, Judith Miller, Delores Stepro, Karen Singer.

Deaths: Alice Miles Eagle, 62; Lora Breeden, 72; Delmas Mauck, 64; Robert Mooney, 26; Mrs. Robert Money, 23; Garland Schuppert, 51; James J. Noon, 49; Beech Armstrong, 82.

65 years ago

Dec. 7, 1955

A men’s chorus is being organized at the Corydon Evangelical United Brethren Church. Allen Benson, pianist and experienced musician of Lanesville, is assisting with the group’s organization.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Uhl have sold their home in Maplewood to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burger. The Uhls will move to Sarasota, Fla.

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schuppert are leaving Corydon to make their home in Hollywood, Fla. Mr. Schuppert owned and operated the Corydon Bus Lines for 25 years.

The board of the Central School Corp. voted Monday evening to remodel the Corydon Grade School gymnasium into a cafeteria at a cost of $14,000. The work will be started next summer.

Births: Boys — Sgt. and Mrs. David Pease, Mr. and Mrs. Murlen Duggins, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oetting, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ott, Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kost, Mr. and Mrs. David Bullington, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Kintner; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Dora, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Manubay, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kochert, Mr. and Mrs. William Mosier, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jantzen.

Deaths: Mrs. Phillip Jacobi, 84; Elizabeth Hall, 89; Mrs. Henry Albin; Nova Corbett, 44; Mrs. Alfred Albin; Alice Jenkins, 91; Mrs. Herman Dyer, 46; Ray Hise; Elizabeth Ann Voyles, 76; Murray Stepro, 83.

75 years ago

Dec. 12, 1945

The Lanesville post office has been moved from the building which Mrs. Rachel Zollman rented to Postmaster Julius Green into the Herman P. Zollman Building.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman P. Zollman and daughter, Pauline, have remodeled the drug store building in Lanesville which they recently purchased from Mrs. McCoy. They have stocked it with a good line of groceries and meats.
Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kochert; girls — Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Luther, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Crosier, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lethco.

Deaths: Ola Crawford, 70; James K. Flora, 73; Will Bruni, 69; Clara Rothrock, 55; Minnie Swarens, 71; Laura Evans, 85; Franklin Windell, 70; Stuart McKnight, 74; Frank Irvin, 54; Charles P. Bye, 67; Carl Richardson; Matilda Gabbard.

100 years ago

Dec. 15, 1920

Edward Briles, the fur dealer, wishes us to announce for him that he will be in Corydon every day through the week and any person having furs to sell can find him at Reas pool room.

Stanley Meyer and Robert Sharp have returned from a visit with relatives and friends in Arkansas.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brandenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Crecelius, Mr. and Mrs. Roy LaHue; girl — Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wolpert.

Deaths: Mrs. Barbara Hendricks, 74; Sherman Pinaire, 56; Conrad Lotich, 87; Mrs. Sarah Gwartney, 91; Mrs. Jane Byerley, 71; Mrs. Carrie Engleman, 58; Fred A. Ems, 25.