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Opportunities abound, including lifeguarding, for retirees at YMCA

When I retired from teaching 11 years ago, I was asked if I was going to be a substitute teacher and continue in the education field. I very quickly said that I was not.

For me, it was time to reach out and try something else. There are many new horizons out there and new challenges to engage.

So, I began by being a Red Cross volunteer and started going to fires 24/7 and helping those that lost their homes and many times lost everything that they owned. Too many times they only had the “shirt on their back.”

This was followed by volunteering at the Ronald MacDonald House and then on to be a mentor in the Harrison County Veterans Treatment Court.

This is not about me, but about the great opportunities for the those of us who want to “broaden our horizons” after retirement from our professions/jobs.

There is one great opportunity out there for retirees that enjoy swimming. The YMCA is a great place to be and a wonderful place to swim in their fabulous pool. To take it one step further, there is always a need for lifeguards. Most of the lifeguards are teenagers who are in school and not available during the school day. For those that really enjoy swimming and would like to spend just a few hours a week supporting the YMCA and our community, why not try being a lifeguard? I did, and I really enjoy doing it. It is a wonderful way to serve our community and meet some wonderful people.

Join us by giving Matt a call at our YMCA. You might just find another way to enjoy your retirement like I did.

Glenn Thienel | Corydon, Ind.