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Marriage licenses

Marriage licenses Marriage licenses

Robert Thomas Mercer, 39, Elizabeth, son of Samuel and Luann Mercer, Elizabeth; Heather Jane Matlock, 33, Elizabeth, daughter of Dannie Matlock, deceased, and Mary Driver, Floyds Knobs.

Nicholas James Carothers, 29, Corydon, son of Walter J. Carothers, no address given, and Gloria D. Fierce Boling, Foley, Ala.; Christine Marie Criswell, 28, Corydon, daughter of Thomas S. and Michelle L. McGeorge, Corydon.

Jonathan Daniel Drury, 22, Corydon, son of James T. Drury, Buffalo, N.Y., and Dawn J. Davis Drury, Summershade, Ky.; Elizabeth Marie Drake, 21, Corydon, daughter of James B. Drake, Clarksville, and Julie A. Crenshaw Drake, Corydon.

Cameron Gusman, 20, Manchester, Tenn., son of Jesse Gusman and Ashley Gusman, both of Manchester, Tenn.; Kayla Jewel Geoffrion, 23, Jacksonville, Fla., daughter of Alan Geoffrion, Jacksonville, Fla., and Karen Hamby, deceased.

Ryan Keith Gatrost, 42, Greenville, son of Stacey L. Gatrost, Jeffersonville; Stephanie Margaret Napier, 30, Greenville, daughter of Charles B. Napier, deceased, and Margaret L. Demecs Napier, no address given.

Kenneth Bevard Brandon, 60, Corydon, son of Lewis B. Brandon, deceased, and Delores A. Conto Brandon, Louisville; Janet Sue Sharp-Thurman, 62, Corydon, daughter of William N. Razor Jr. and Anna J. Saulman Razor, both deceased.

Darrell Joe Whitworth, 65, Georgetown, son of Lloyd K. Whitworth Sr. and Aileen F. Whitworth, both deceased; Juanita Louise Bruner, 56, Georgetown, daughter of Clayton D. Allen, deceased, and Dorothy M. King Montgomery, no address given.

Ian McKenzie Sparks, 20, Corydon, son of Dean E. and Greta Sparks, Corydon; Alexandria Diane Murdoch, 20, Corydon, daughter of Jonathon Murdoch, Underwood, and Jill Green, Laconia.

Christopher Wade Hinton, 37, Corydon, son of Bruce C. Hinton and Diana L. Ziesemer Hinton, no addresses given; Lydia Rhea Robertson, 30, Crandall, daughter of Leslie Robertson, Crandall, and Karen Schwartz, Corydon.

Kenneth Curtis Williams, 58, Ramsey, son of Kenneth and Ethel I. Smith Williams, both deceased; Suzanna Marie Grimmette, 40, Ramsey, daughter of Stephen R. Newman, Frankfort, Ky., and Joy A. Carman Janes, Depauw.

Michael Steven E.J. Willett, 28, Elizabeth, son of John and Lisa Miller Willett, Elizabeth; Wendy Davis, 29, Elizabeth, daughter of Mark and Cheryl Davis, Louisville.

Damien Bush, 26, Corydon, son of Stacy Bush, no address given, and Joy Moss, New Middletown; Alisha Dooley, 25, Corydon, daughter of Paul Dooley and Tammy Palmer, no addresses given.

John Edward Durbin, 58, Elizabeth, son of Carl T. Durbin and Mary L. Coy Durbin, both deceased; Mary Patricia McCallister, 58, Elizabeth, daughter of Patrick L. and Bonnie J. Heckler McCallister, both deceased.

Travis Lee Smith, 40, Corydon, son of Gary L. Smith, Ramsey, and Carol Johnson Smith, Corydon; Christina Jeanette Dessart, 36, Louisville, daughter of Steven M. Dessart, Palm Bay, Fla., and Patricia J. Dessart Johnson, Jeffersonville.

Dillon Mitchell Fey, 22, Shepherdsville, Ky., son of Johnny Fey, deceased, and Jacqueline Williams Fey, Louisville; Shelby Marie Libka, 22, Shepherdsville, Ky., daughter of Gerald Libka, Elizabeth, and Penny Bailey Ballard, Shepherdsville, Ky.

Adam J. Hudson, 26, New Salisbury, son of John and Phyllis Hudson, Floyds Knobs; Lindsey E. Freiberger, 31, New Salisbury, daughter of Steven Freiberger, Georgetown, and Lynne Freiberger, New Albany.

MacGregor Chase Main, 26, Louisville, son of Harry Main, Sealy, Texas, and Edith Keating Kavouklis, Tampa, Fla.; Megan Nicole Medley, 25, Vine Grove, Ky., daughter of Denis Medley, no address given, and Melissa Medley, Vine Grove, Ky.

Steven Michael Ashley, 26, Corydon, son of Troy Ashely, Fisherville, Ky., and Martina Webb, Louisville; Whitney Susanne Kaiser, 26, Corydon, daughter of Douglas S. Kaiser and Tina M. Knear Kaiser, both of Elizabeth.

James Dineen, 28, Crandall, son of John and Karen Haselwood Dineen, New Albany; Jennifer Mayfield, 35, Crandall, daughter of Albert Sturgeon, no address given, and Connie Redden, New Salisbury.

Donald Max Wiseman, 54, Corydon, son of Larry M. Wiseman and Barbara J. Brown Orange, both deceased; Victoria Lynn Miller, 39, Corydon, daughter of Jerry A. Miller, Bremen, and Nancy F. Sexton Miller, Bourbon.

Michael Wayne Snyder, 35, Laconia, son of Mark W. and Ava K. Randall Snyder, Laconia; Kristy Dionne Meek, 29, Corydon, daughter of James A. and Rachel D. Smith Meek, Frankfort.

Charles Garrett Mertz, 24, Ramsey, son of Brad A. Mertz and Laurie L. Forrest, no addresses given; Taylor Ann Simpson, 23, Ramsey, daughter of Darren D. and Krissann L. Nolot Simpson, Ramsey.

Benjamin Isaac Melton, 29, New Salisbury, son of Glen A. and Karen L. Kintner Melton, Corydon; Brooke Kearstyn Davis, 27, New Salisbury, daughter of Bryan K. and Lisa Y. Walters Davis, Morgantown.