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December 2, 2020

December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020

• I’d like to say the readers of Harrison County don’t need a liberal view out of Portland, Ore., which is like California, New York, and I guess China and Iran will be smiling all the way to the bank now.

• I used to drive from New Salisbury to Salem to get fresh bread at the Dollar Tree, and they don’t have it any more. I wish somebody could tell me where I could drive to to find a loaf of good, fresh bread. I’d sure be headed that way.

• I am tired of this electoral vote in the general election. This electoral college is obsolete and should be decided by popular vote. If the electoral college was so good, why didn’t states assign votes to counties and counties assign votes to townships? Think about these comparisons.

• I’m constantly amazed at how ignorant people are. I ran into a woman and her daughter in Walmart today and neither one of them had a mask on, and, when I asked them why, at first she said she couldn’t because she had allergies. I said, “Well, I’ve got allergies. I’m wearing one.” Then she said, “Well, you know it’s a proven fact that it’s safer if you don’t wear a mask and you’ll get the COVID quicker if you’re wearing a mask.” I said, “Well, maybe you’ll get it and you’ll be eliminated from the gene pool and clean it up some.” That’s all I can tell you.

• People have whole conspiracy theories about masks and how the government is using a surgical mask to control us. I can’t deal with you all. They literally assigned each of us our own number. They make you pay taxes, register your property and address. They know everything about you, and you think they are controlling you by telling you not to literally spit on one another. What is wrong with you all?

• Do yourself a favor and drive your car to the Posey House piano concert (in Corydon) on Dec. 13 at 2 p.m. We went to the last one and had a ball listening over the radio on our car. Try it. You’ll love it.

• Protecting the outgoing president’s ego is not worth undermining national security.

• After three marriages and six bankruptcies, you would think Donald Trump would be better at accepting defeat.

• Now that the election’s over, I’ve decided that Donald Trump is the worst president we’ve ever had. I’m 80 years old, and he is absolutely the worst we’ve ever had. I thought George Bush Jr. was bad, but this guy makes George Bush look like a saint. … I just wanted to say that I’m glad he is gone. I want him to stay gone, and he deserves no benefits that a president gets upon retirement.

• As a member of the (YMCA of Harrison County), I was very appreciative of Spence Wade’s letter to the editor in the Nov. 25 edition of The (Corydon) Democrat. When the board president states that the COVID-19 crisis was manufactured and he is speaking in his official capacity as the board president, he is then speaking for all of the board members. That is even more troubling. For me, I think it is time for all the board members to resign. …

• If an electoral voter does not vote for the election winner certified by his state officials, then democracy doesn’t mean a thing to that voter. That seems to be the opinion shared by our president and most Republican leaders.

• I’m calling about the answers to the question of the week — Do you agree with Mel Gurtov’s top 10 choices for President-elect Joe Biden — and was very disappointed that 57% of the responders are against a public health strategy, helping people affected by the virus, racial injustice, restoring environmental regulations and all the others. Those people should be ashamed of themselves for their selfishness.

• How come COVID didn’t disappear after the election like Trump and all his supporters said it would?

• How in the world can Joe Biden be president? He can’t even remember where he’s at half the time. He mumbles and grumbles. He can’t even read unless he reads off a paper. It’s pathetic.

• One thing we’ve learned from the Trump presidency is that it’s not a job for amateurs. We need professional politicians, not trash talkers.

• This goes out to Harrison County. I just want to thank you all for the warm meal and everything that you’re all planning and giving out on Thanksgiving Day. It’s really nice.

• I’d like to give a shout out to the police and the police helpers that direct the traffic in the morning in front of the schools. They do such an awesome job, and they do it in all kinds of weather, and they make it easy for us who drop off our kids safely. So, thank you once again to these guys.

• Today is Monday, Nov. 30. At 12:19:53 today, I was a customer at (a) store. I noticed upon entering there’s a note that says masks are required for all employees and requesting that customers wear them also. While shopping, there were two employees putting up stock on the floor with their masks down around their chins not covering their mouths. As I was checking out, I asked the cashier why the two customers in front of me and the employees were not wearing masks. Her reply was, and I quote, “While we were putting up stock on the floor, we usually don’t wear them.” To that I replied, you’re not putting up stock now. She didn’t reply to me and she did not raise her mask. With the rising numbers, I would think everybody would do their part to stop the COVID from spreading. This was my last trip to (this store) …