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Board member’s comment about virus troublesome

I’m writing in regards to a letter to the editor on Nov. 4 that was seeking support for the YMCA of Harrison County. The programs of the YMCA are valuable and commendable, but I was troubled by one statement made by the board member of the YMCA who wrote the letter.

He refers, in his letter, to the problems we are dealing with this year and makes this comment, “ … given the manufactured COVID pandemic … ”

I find this very troubling and offensive. Here is a board member overseeing programs for young adults and children who believes the pandemic is “manufactured.” I wonder if the board member, who says he is a minister, would tell families of the nearly quarter million individuals in this country who have died from this virus that it is “manufactured.”

What troubles me the most though is he is overseeing the care and safety of children and making decisions that can affect their very lives, and he believes the pandemic doesn’t exist. It is especially concerning at this time due to the increase in cases, deaths and hospitalizations in Indiana.

In the past, I have attended events at the YMCA involving my grandson and I would have been deeply distressed knowing that one of the board members was not taking this pandemic seriously.

As this virus continues to infect more young people and children, the board and managers at the YMCA need to be vigilant in protecting those entrusted with their safety and care. Additionally, more studies are finding the possibility of long-lasting side effects of this virus that we don’t even understand yet.

I can only hope that there are other board members more conscientious, that they take this virus deadly serious and they don’t make fatuous comments like the minister.

Spence Wade | Leavenworth, Ind.