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November 18, 2020

November 18, 2020 November 18, 2020

• Trump has every right to pursue all legal options to contest the election. He has no right to incite any radical followers to possible violence. They would be just like the thugs and rioters who use police violence as an excuse to loot and riot.

• I thought that President Trump got more votes than what they are showing, and I don’t blame him for filing in the courts. I don’t blame him for filing a lawsuit because I think he got more votes.

• I was recently a patient at the Harrison County Hospital, and it was so clean and nice and all the staff was so professional and kind and good. It’s so nice to have such a nice hospital in our community. And, the coffee was great.

• Yes, Donald Trump, you want some cheese to go with your whine?

• The Democrats are still bellyaching and crying from four years ago. You can’t say anything about Trump bellyaching because the Democrats have been bellyaching for four years, and they’ve treated Trump terrible.

• I see a time when all students will be learning permanently at home through the internet and virtual means and all human contact will be done virtually, maybe with holograms. All children will be conceived in test tubes as in Brave New World, and we will be strictly controlled as to any human contact. And, this will be called normal, and most people will accept it because they will be programmed to accept it.

• I went to the auction at Milltown last Saturday night, and I really enjoyed myself. I appreciate the atmosphere and everything about it. Met new friends and old friends, and well, hopefully, a new friend. I’m going to have to get there early next time the next auction they have, which is week after next on a Saturday. I kind of hope she’s there. She was checking out and I was too. I was behind her. I hope she reads this and shows up. I think she will because she sells stuff there, consignment. Well, that’s all I had to say. I enjoyed myself and enjoyed the atmosphere.

• This goes out to ATM Auction Service. They have an auction every Sunday at the old Parks Chevrolet building in Corydon, and I was there Sunday; had a great time. Great atmosphere, great food and some unique items, unique deals and one unique person. Come and meet Marty and his wife and his ring people. They’ll make you laugh. They won’t make you cry. Well, they won’t make you do anything but make sure you have a real good time and meet some unique people like me. So, come on down.

• I’m a senior citizen in the Lanesville area. I want to thank the Lanesville Jaycees for the delicious soup and chili for us seniors. Due to the COVID, they could not do their usual big Thanksgiving dinner, but they let us know we were not forgotten. Thanks, Jaycees.

• I’d like to know how much the county is going to spend on Clover Valley Road keeping water out of a farmer’s field and on the road. Seems kind of backwards. …

• To the owners of the dog who live by the Crandall park, your poor dog barks constantly without a break all night long. We have been waiting patiently for you to get your dog proper training so he will not be a nuisance to the community of Crandall. The dog keeps us awake most of the night. Please be a responsible pet owner by getting your dog a non-shocking bark collar and train him that barking incessantly is a no-no. Please show some consideration to your Crandall neighbors.

• I would just like to say God bless the Vietnam vet who called the Live Wire last week and tried to raise awareness of appropriate sacrifices. I don’t like Billy Ray Cyrus, but I love what he says in his song about all gave some and some gave all. Some stood for the red, white and blue. Think of all your liberties and recall some gave all. And in these times, we need to remember some are giving it all.

• For four years, all we heard was resist, resist, resist when Donald Trump was president. Now that the Democrats think they’ve sewn up the election, now we hear the words it’s time for healing. …

• I just wonder what is wrong with all of these people that are complaining about Trump being beat in this election. He was beat and beat fair and square. There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in this country. None. If any one of you people out there has any, why don’t you bring it forward? The reason you don’t is because you don’t have any. There is none. Get over it. He lost, and thank God he did.

• Trump still contends that the election was rigged. He doesn’t have one iota of evidence to back this up …

• I just don’t understand. I can’t figure this out. They tell you to stay home for two weeks but order online or make phone calls to order your food or call Walmart or JayC Store to deliver your food. What’s to say that that ain’t contaminated? I don’t know. Help me.

• Would the family on Cedar Lane Northwest in Corydon that owns the small tan and black dog with the red harness stop letting it run loose? It’s in our yard, our trash and the roadway. There is a law to have it on a leash. We are reporting you to animal control.

• … I attended a seventh- and eighth-grade basketball game … I would like to thank the two adult coaches for their time and effort. I have no pony in this race. I am not a coach; however, it is beyond my comprehension that when you have a sizable lead on your opponent, the other players that are sitting on the bench can’t play one at a time with the team that is on the floor. These kids show up for practice … What kind of self-esteem and confidence are you building in those young men when they get to play the last minute and a half, especially when the game has already been won? Winning should not be a major factor in a person’s goals as life progresses on. Apparently, some people fail to comprehend this concept.