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November 11, 2020

November 11, 2020 November 11, 2020

• Well, what did everybody think that he would do? Before your votes were counted, he’s already crying fraud. Wah. Wah Wah.

• To the individual that wrote about Virginia and implied that Virginia took everybody’s handguns away and also accused Kamala Harris of making a comment about the attorney general will confiscate all the guns, so the individual is aware the attorney general of the United States cannot confiscate any guns. It has to be a legislative action and the full legislature would have to sign off on it and President Biden will not do that, I can pretty well assure you of that. So, get the facts right and quit trying to spread the propaganda. Trump lost. Get over it.

• For the person who had a cat shot, well, your daughter owning a pet should know the laws of Harrison County. The law states that all pets should be in your control or on a leash or on your property. You’re stating here in the paper that it was on private property, but you’re saying the water plant. Take note. Read the laws.

• Hey, Mr. President, I want to tell you right now, if anybody can get this message to you, you make an order not to count my vote and I’m going to be knocking on your door. All votes should be counted. Must be counted. I don’t care if you win or you lose, and all you’ve got to do is leave a message in this paper. I’ll be calling you if my vote ain’t counted …

• A mask says a lot about the person who doesn’t wear it or doesn’t want to wear it right. Slow the spread. Be the solution.

• High-speed county internet seems to be a pipe dream for most of the county.

• I just seen where Milltown was getting high-speed internet, and I think that’s great and all, but I live in New Middletown and I can’t get it ’til 14 more people in my area sign up, but I can throw a rock and hit it at an abandoned house that has it  …

• Trump encouraged Republican voters not to vote by mail. Apparently, they listened to him. Now, he claims fraud because Democrats did legally vote by mail.

• It’s Friday morning. This presidential election still hasn’t been called. Donald Trump and his gang are filing numerous lawsuits across the country, … claiming that there was corruption in the election and cheating. …

• I’d like to comment about the (area outside the) JayC Store. This morning, I was sitting there waiting to get in to the T-Mobile place. You know, I realized there was a smoking area. Now, come on, people, clean up. Put some air fresheners out there, too. I only sat there for a couple of minutes and I almost threw up. …

• I went to a ballgame at Corydon Central High School Thursday evening, Nov. 5, and I really did appreciate those young men over there in that one section, the boys’ section, I guess, the cheer squad.

• Sunday morning, many Republicans are still claiming there was widespread corruption in the election but not one of them can provide one shred of evidence, so I say quit crying and accept it. It’s over. Biden won. Period. Or, come up with the evidence to support your false claims.

• I would like to commend Tim Owens from Marengo for telling his COVID-19 story. I hope that everyone in the area around The Corydon Democrat will also read the front page of the Nov. 4 Clarion (News). Tim thought much of what he heard about COVID-19 was just hype, but he quickly learned otherwise when he and his wife were both stricken. He said he was deathly ill. One of the worst things he experienced was difficulty breathing. He said it was extreme pressure like the heel of your hand pressing against your sternum non-stop, and every time you inhaled and exhaled it got tighter. Both he and his wife are now tested negative but have very bad lung problems from the virus. Tim  doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through what he and his wife have gone through. I pray that his story will make more people wear their masks, social distance and wash their hands. Thank you, Tim, for telling your story.

• I keep seeing these ads that says people’s living paycheck to paycheck. I ain’t even living paycheck to paycheck. It’s like paycheck and the last two weeks of the month I’m begging. What does it mean living paycheck to paycheck? I’d like to say what I really mean but you all probably won’t print it, but it’s a bunch of crap.

• My neighbor told me that after she worked the polls on election day, as the workers were ready to leave, two poll workers told them that they both had the virus. Now, today I read in the paper that the same thing was done in St. Charles, Mo. A woman was diagnosed on Oct. 5  and worked the polls and has since died. (She) exposed over 2,000 people to the virus. It is amazing to me how people can do something like this.

• I am a Vietnam veteran and all I’m saying is, if I can take time out of my life, fly halfway around the world to kill your enemy, I don’t see the problem in you wearing a mask during this COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not a great big deal. All you’ve got to do is wear the mask and stay home. Now, what if your country asked you to fly to Asia and take a chance on being killed? Would you do that? It’s a very easy thing to do is just put the mask on if you have to leave, but really all they’re asking is that you stay home. Are you such spoiled brats that you can’t comply?

• Just wonder how many workers and students in the high school have the virus before the superintendent will call school off.