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November 11, 2020

15 years ago

Nov. 9, 2005

It’s early, but some people have already announced their candidacies for public office in the 2006 election year. Mark Redden said it’s a sign that people are more engaged, more involved and don’t like what’s going on in government from the national to the local levels. Larry Shickles believes the announcements are a bit early but otherwise normal and an indication that some candidates are exploring the possibilities and eager to scare off the opposition.

A representative of the Buck Creek Coalition appeared before the Harrison County Commissioners on Monday to promote the group’s recommendations for checks on regional sewer districts in Harrison County. Commissioner J.R. Eckart said he found none of the recommendations “outrageous.” On the contrary, they warranted further discussion involving the appropriate agencies, he said. Paul Luntzel, speaking on behalf of the environment group, said the coalition’s interest is broader than just Buck Creek. “We just want to see this area get cleaned up, not get worse,” he said.

Rita Ledford had barely gotten in bed Saturday night at her home along Union Chapel Road south of Corydon when she heard a “Kaboom!” “The whole house shook,” she said. Ledford, 44, got up and ran into the kitchen to use the phone but it didn’t work. Ledford said she was aware that a door leading from the back of the house to the outside deck was blown open. She then proceeded to get out of the house. Tim Shewmaker, chief of the Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Dept., said they were notified about 11:50 p.m. Saturday of the house fire.

North Harrison came out fired up for the school’s first appearance in a football sectional final Friday night at Batesville, but, after holding their own early, the Cougars fell behind and were defeated 49-20. The first 10 minutes of the game were a back-and-forth battle before the Bulldogs opened up a 28-7 half-time lead on their way to the Class 3A Sectional 23 championship. The victory gave Batesville (9-3) its fifth consecutive crown.

Deaths: Michael T. Campbell, 28; Charles R. Slaughter, 79; Charlotte J. Walling, 77; Herschel Crosier, 92; Alliene L. Litch, 86; Shannon Calvert, 28; Otis Jenkins, 80; Carolyn S. Fields, 54; Heidi L. Vaughn, 32; Larry E. Jenkins, 59; C. Vaughn LaDuke, 82; James A. Byrns, 59; Rachel Marshall, 69; Ruth E. Akers, 86; Carrie J. Simcox, 70.

25 years ago

Nov. 15, 1995

Harrison County Citizens Against Gambling, formed two years ago to fight the gambling referendum, will regroup next week in Corydon. “It will be a strategy session to rally support and see what we can do,” said the Rev. Webster Oglesby, pastor of Lincoln Hills Christian Church, where the meeting will take place Tuesday night at 7. The re-organization get together is open to anyone interested.

The question of animal control in Harrison County has long been a puzzle, but some local volunteers hope they’ve formed a few more pieces. The organization known as HEART (Harrison Education Animal Responsibility Team) will ask the Harrison County commissioners to adopt an animal control ordinance and build an animal shelter in Harrison County. The volunteer group formed after county officials began preliminary discussion about contributing money to help construct a large animal shelter in Floyd County and setting up a program to take stray animals there.

After a three-year lapse, Milltown has a doctor. Actually, two doctors and a nurse practitioner. Internists Michael Bonacum and Devi Pierce of Corydon and nurse practitioner Julie Maudlin of Salem opened their practice Monday at the Milltown Medical Center along Hancock Street. The office manager is Debbie Wagner of Corydon. They share a two-story, red-brick building with dentist John P. Click and the Hoosier Uplands Home Health Services office.

South Central’s size has been drawing plenty of pre-season attention, but it was one of the team’s guards that was up to his old tricks in the high school basketball season opener last Friday night. Six-foot senior Chad Schoen, who averaged 17.4 points a game last year, greeted the new season and the Lanesville Eagles by making seven of his first eight shots en route to a game high 21-point performance in a 74-37 win for the Rebels.

Deaths: Lucille Lockhart, 88; Eli B. Routh, 90; William Harlow, 57; Samuel Goldman, 94; Joseph D. Phillips, 65; Irene E. Peters, 74; Clifford D. Curts, 78; Artie Belcher, 87; William K. Fouts, 67; William Wenning, 79; Katherine James, 85; Richard Woertz, 48; Martha Harpool, 89; Angela M. Seiler, 14; Carl D. Farnsley, 71.

50 years ago

Nov. 11, 1970

Lyndal Lindsey of Corydon recently departed for recruit training at the U.S. Training Center in Great Lakes, Ill.

This year, Santa will be greeting people in Palmyra. A meeting place has been set up on the property of Floraltique Shop. Boy Scouts will decorate a tree nearby, and carolers will entertain from the porch of Floraltique. The community of Palmyra is planning a gay and sparkling holiday season.

Dirt taken from the building of Highway 135 Corydon bypass west of town is being used to create an 8-1/2-acre lake next summer in the Hayswood Nature Reserve.

South Central FHA has been organized with 24 members. Rebecca Schickell, a junior, has been named president.

Robert O’Bannon, who retired as state senator after 20 years, was succeeded in this year’s election by his son, Frank.

Births: Boys — Mrs. Steve Elbers, Mrs. Allen Basham, Shelia Sparks, Patsy Dobson, Pauline Spurlock, Phyllis McClure, Betty Jo Bennett, Mrs. David Schafer; girls — Suellen Phillips, Alvena Del, Janet F. Houghlin, Mrs. Ray Sizemore.

Deaths: Ray Hauswald, 62; Dorothy Rhoades, 51; Walter H. Watson, 66; Mary Hoffman, 93; Mabel Goode; Paul A. Rothrock, 72; Jesse O. Dora, 74; Irene H. Wolfe; Wilber Lawton, 80; Donald Lingenfelter, 67.

65 years ago

Nov. 9, 1955

Newly elected members of the Corydon Town Board are Arville Kitterman, William B. Doolittle, M. Stevens Kirkharo, Charles Richert and Clifford Hurst. Miss Clella Kemp was re-elected town clerk-treasurer.

The Corydon Evangelical United Bethesda Church has been celebrating its 50th anniversary during the month of October with guest speakers and special services.

Mrs. Merrill Lasley, Michael and Michelle left Saturday for the east coast where they will fly to Frankfurt, Germany, to join Sgt. Lasley.

Miss Laura Lou Sibert has accepted a position in the office of Dr. W.J. Brockman and Dr. Samuel Martin.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Merle Kintner, Mr. and Mrs. George Coleman, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Poe, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Crecelius, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davis; girls — Mr. and Mrs. John Simon, Mr. and Mrs. John Higginbotham, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cherry, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banet.

Deaths: Jesse Singleton, 81; Delia Luckett, 86; John H. Vausha, 77; C.W. Renaker; Walter J. Libka, 68; Mrs. David Keller, 78; Abraham Roudenbuslf, 82; Joseph Heitz, 68; Mrs. Sadie Ferree; Ed Watson, 88; John W. Melton, 71; Russell Bird, 61.

75 years ago

Nov. 14, 1945

The Rev. O.O. Kirkham, Georgetown rural mail carrier for over 34 years, retires. I.V. Tyler succeeds him. He is the minister at Chapel Hill and Tunnel Hill.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Turner and son of Lexington, Ky., visited her sister, Mrs. Carl Boone, and family Sunday.

Births: Boy — Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Fleming; girls -— Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. William Backherms.

Deaths: C. Russell Pitman, 34; Leora Tucker; W.C. Snyder, 72; Mrs. Alex Harshberg; Edgar Diedrich, 48; Patricia Walter, 11; Lawrence Byrne, 56; August Vausha, 64; Ethel Parker, 14; Ralph E. Jackson, 53.

100 years ago

Nov. 17, 1920

Jesse Smith has sold his grocery store to Miss Nellie Colvin, and Maurice Farnsley has taken employment with Raub & Son of Indianapolis, manufacturers of fertilizers.

Mrs. Celestia Lowden, proprietor of the Lowden Hotel, is out again after a few days illness.

The dwelling house of Ben Johnson caught fire last Saturday. Dr. Amy, who happened to be making a professional call at the time, went to work and extinguished the fire.

Births: Boys — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moser, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reckerd; girls — none.

Deaths: Conrad Lottich, 87; Miss Cletus Kopp, 20; Samuel Dooley; George J. Getzendanner, 65; Lewis Keller O’Bannon, 18; Mrs. Urusa Gettelfinger, 87.