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Number of COVID cases up 12+%

Number of COVID cases up 12+% Number of COVID cases up 12+%

The number of positive COVID-19 cases in Harrison County has increased nearly 12.8% in the past week, bringing the total since March to 913. That’s close to Indiana’s percentage of nearly 12.91%, bringing the number of cases to 188,066 statewide.

In Harrison County, the number of tests performed rose from 8,764 to 9,246 in the past week. Indiana has seen 2,995,343 tests performed, up 241,032 since the week before.

The numbers of deaths in Harrison County remains at 25, with two of those defined as clinical deaths, meaning the persons likely had the virus when they died but no tests had been performed.

An additional 241 Hoosiers died in the past week from the virus, bringing the total to 4,199. Another 240, up four from the week prior, are believed to have had the coronavirus.

Hoosiers are reminded to wear a face mask when in public, to social distance and to wash their hands frequently.